Wintercourse SXQ (6 d) Bollnäs [2011-03-09]

The Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong celebrated it's tenth anniversary this year. It was also the tenth consecutive year the course was arranged in Bollnäs Folkhögskola. We rarely arrange a longer course at the same place for so many years but the school has suited us well. It's idyllic situated, at comfortable walking distance from Bollnäs city centre. And also, the contact persons in Bollnäs have put a lot of effort into getting everyone to feel welcome. It has been very appreciated among the participants and is also a reason that we have come back year after year.

Participants in the winter course in Bollnäs 2011

This year we also set a new record concerning the number of participants. We were 110 participants, and as a consequence we had to make good use of every single corner of the training hall. The atmosphere was good and we also had beautiful winter days with sun and snow.

Winter in Bollnäs

Shenxin Qigong, the main exercise at the Winter Course, is a very appreciated. We can get improvements fast, such as better health, more energy and better understanding. This year, as usual, we did a survey among the participants. The survey showed that 74 % of the participants improved their physical status, 71 % increased their energy level and 62 % could concentrate better after the Winter Course.

Statistics from the Winter Course 2011 in Bollnäs

Below follows some comments from the participants.

Better standing posture, no pain in the arm, slimmer waist and more sturdy legs

"It has been great at the Winter Course in Bollnäs, nice and relaxing. During the course I've had a fantastic inner journey. My standing posture has been poor. I've been leaning forward. Suddenly it felt like the whole body was opening up. Now I'm almost afraid that I will fall backwards. For many years I've also had problems with my arms. I've had pain and I've had problems putting my coat on. Now the pain has disappeared. I can easily put my coat on. I've also had enough energy to do a lot of training for the arms, Snake Arm and other exercises. Also, it was fun when I put on my jeans today. We've had a lot of good food at the course and everybody said that we probably had put on weight. But believe me or not, the jeans were too large. They were too wide in the waist. It must be due to all the bending we have done. Also my legs have been as steady as two logs. In the beginning of the course I stood very wobbly. It has been a wonderful course. I've got great results and I want more!"

Can stand flat on the ground

"Since I was a child I've been told that one of my legs is longer than the other. When I've been standing on the floor practicing qigong I've always had the feeling that I needed to build up one foot by folding a carpet or a towel. Something happened in my back and hip when we did Three Centre Merge the first day. When we stood up again I was giggling and I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. My legs were the same length and I could stand flat on the floor without anything under the foot."

Training Shenxin Qigong at the Winter Course 2011 in Bollnäs

Straighter, calmer and happier

"It has been great to practice Shenxin this much. It has been problematic for me to stand flat on the floor and to find balance. It has improved and I've also got the feeling of standing completely straight. The back feels straight and it feels like the body continue upwards. It's a great feeling. I also feel that the circulation has improved and that I'm happier. I attended a basic course in Shenxin a couple of years ago but I didn't continue to practice. Now I definitely will."

Calm heart and the wrist straight again

"I embarked on this journey this autumn. After a long period of stress my heart started to jump around wildly. At that time I decided to do three things. I would stop neglecting Hold Qi up, join the winter course with Shenxin Qigong and quit my job as an executive. I have now done all three things and my heart is calm again. It feels very good. I also got an extra bonus: Around 10 years ago I broke my wrist. It was a serious fracture. My wrist looked like a step in a staircase and everything was just mashed. I have been able to regain some mobility but my arm has not been straight. The hand was not located directly in front of the arm. But now it is!"

Can sit down on the floor and get up again

"This is my first winter course. Before I needed help in order to get down when I'm trying get down on the floor. Even when I had two mattresses lying on the floor I was in need of help both in getting down and getting up. This summer during the summer courses I was able to get down and up on the mattresses all by myself. It felt like a victory. During this course I wanted to get down on the floor but only had a blanket to sit down on. I was a bit worried, but I tried it anyhow. So I sat down on the floor and rose up again. And fast too, at least for being me! I went down on my knees on the blanket and then all the way down, then I just stood up quickly! I have never done that before! Oh, what a happy feeling to not be dependent on others. I have not been able to bend my knees to get so deep before, and I haven't had the strength either. I have fallen down outdoors before and not been able to get up again. A lot of things have happened in my body, especially in my legs and my back. I feel taller, warm and something is humming inside my legs. Nice! It has been very pleasant to follow this course."


"During the course I suddenly had to run to the toilet and out came peaces of gallstones. I feel much more energetic and happier after that."

Less pain in the arm

"This year I have had a lot of pains in my right arm, I've had it ever since the summer. During the first days I was not able to practice much; instead I had to take painkillers. But then it became better, I can almost not feel any pain now. My goal with this course was to get rid of these pains, so that is fine. But now I realize that these pains are not related only to the arm. I can feel that the circulation is affected all the way down to the feet. Yesterday I did a lot of squats and I think that made it let go a little more. It was just as much a problem in my pelvis. I feel happy that I have reached this far."

Back straighter and legs stronger

"I was in a serious accident some years back and got a strong blow in the back of my head. During the training it felt like a big plug disappeared at the location where the stone hit my head. Afterwards my back felt straighter. Yesterday we practiced squats once during the day and I did it in the evening and then suddenly I was able to keep my feet parallel on the ground. My feet have been very twisted outwards but suddenly I could keep them flat on the floor and the toes pointing straight ahead. The person that helped me didn't have to hold them in place anymore. The next morning when I woke I felt that I would be able to get up from my bed in a normal way, I'm not really able to do that yet but it felt like that. During this course my old sick body memory is starting to disappear and I can again remember how to get dressed while standing, even though I haven't done in many years. My legs feel completely different. My back is straighter and I can bend my knees as I walk. A lot of good things are happening. My shoulder blades used to point out from my back and now they are more inwards toward the back like they should be. I have gotten a lot of muscles during this the year that I have practiced qigong, both on my arms and back. Mentally I feel more secure and less anxious."

Training Shenxin Qigong at the Winter Course 2011 in Bollnäs

Better body posture

"I remember when I began to practice. I had problems with a vulture neck. My standing posture was terrible and that bothered me. My body is not yet completely straight but it's much better. I'm very pleased that I've fixed it. The other day I had a great training. I started to think about how much you practice during the year and how great it is when you get paid back, when you feel that everything works and that you are relaxed. It's so fantastic. You just enjoy the training. Thanks for a great course!"

High expectations

"This was my first Winter Course and my expectations were high. Everybody has spoken so warmly about the course and I can just agree. The training is great. I've practiced Hold qi up many years so it's great to practice something new. I'm much softer now. When I practice Hold qi up I can do the movements better."


"My physical state is much better today compared to when I was young. That, my parents can insure. The most interesting thing is the qi-feld. At this course I start to understand how deep and extensive the qi-feld is."

Pain disappeared

"Mentally I can concentrate better and I can do the movements better. One of my hips hurt when I came here but that has disappeared completely. Something in my body has changed."

Equally long legs

"I started to practice because I had scoliosis; pain in my body and my hands became numb and clumsy. I was always tired and had a depression. This was 2002. Today my back is straighter; I have very little pain in my body. It's nice to be able to stand upright without pain in the feet. My mental situation is also much better; I'm calmer, more harmonious and positive. I'm much more alert. During the winter course a lot of things happened in my back and torso. On the second morning of the winter course my pelvis loosened up and my legs became equally long. My back got a new position because of that and during the qi regulations I wished that the left side of my back would open up. My wishes came true. Finally I could feel a flow thru my whole back. I like to practice Shenxin Qigong very much."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen