Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2011-02-12]

Ekenäs' first basic course of the year was held in a beautifully brilliant, wintry weather - the icicles glittering in the fresh cold and the high snowdrifts shining white. The sun was dancing on the wood panels of the main hall of MBI. Inside the atmosphere was warm and tranquil. The participants were highly motivated and helped each other to adjust the details of the movements. Below some comments.

Learned How to Stand

"I've learnt to regulate the body. I think I know now how to stand."

Slept Really Well

"I've slept really well this night. It's been an educative course. I'm definitely going to continue to practise Qigong."

The Body Knows

"I've attended quite many courses. I've liked this one a lot. I'm not the kind who easily becomes enthusiastic, but today I've occasionally almost been like in a trance. Since I stubbornly keep doing this my body must somehow know that it is good."



"I started practising Qigong because of stomach problems my doctors can't do anything about. I'm waiting for the Qigong to help. Somehow I've gotten calmer, I have faith in that it will work out. I think my stomach problems have gotten milder and I sleep better at night."

Enhances the Quality of Life

"I have attended quite many basic courses, maybe ten. I love it more each time. When I attended my first course I never thought I would attend another, I thought one was enough. Last year I also attended the four day Autumn Course, which I warmly recommend. It was incredibly rewarding. Qigong helps both mentally and physically. Five years ago I got problems with my thyroid gland and I notice immediately my metabolism starts working when I practise. The stiffness in my hips disappears. It does enhance the quality of life. Definitely."

Tension in Shoulders disappeared

"This is my first course. What appeals to me is the possibility of practising at home by myself. I didn't know much about the health effects before the lecture. I came here mostly because I'm stiff. As early as yesterday I noticed a difference and today the tension in my shoulders is gone. Also I now know better how to stand. I think I'm going to continue practising. You feel motivated when you can feel a clear difference in the body. In the final Hold Qi Up I could reach my toes – after two days. The peace and calmness also feels good. I'm positively surprised. I work with children, and in that it is important to be calm and peaceful."

Good Way to Start the Day

"I have practised for quite some time. Last year I attended the Summer Course, and before that the Autumn Course. I was a bit frightened of the idea to practise from morning to evening. But I managed. Qigong has meant a lot to me, both physically and mentally. This course was a reminder that there is still a lot to correct. It's been a great course, calm and peaceful. It's nice to have this method at home too. It's a good way to start the day."

Mental Aspect the Most important

"I've had many improvements of my health, back and pollen allergy among others. Still I'm trying to let go of this type of thinking and results orientation. That's not my main ambition any more - I rather have an ambition to stay inside of myself and in the movements, and the mental aspects aren't measurable. Things don't improve faster when you're in a hurry and trying do really well. Things happen anyway."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm