Hold Qi up Karis [2011-01-22]

The first Finnish basic course of the year was held in Karis. Karis is an old railway junction with good train service and the course attracted both beginners and repeating participants from far away. Below some comments:


"The movements were very pleasurable, a very nice feeling in body and head. Jag feel all happy. I feel that this is something I need."


"I have been practising for many years and gone to many basic courses. Last year I also participated in the Autumn Course in Pargas, which I warmly recommend. It has been nice to practise all weekend and I always learn something new. Qigong has made me calmer inside. I have let the idea go that I have to know everything and be everywhere. Qigong also helps me to keep shoulders and mouse arm in order, so that I can write, and to cure various ailments."

Karis front 350 110123

Knows it is Good

"I went to my first basic course in Ekenäs a year ago. I practised daily for several months and I noticed obvious improvements. During summer I lost track of Qigong and this course has been like starting all over again. I can feel it has a strong effect on me and I know it is good for me."

Pain Disappeared

"I too started practising a year ago, continued a while, but then I stopped. Now I feel strongly that this is what I should continue doing. I also got to see a positive effect when my pain in my right knee suddenly disappeared during the Qigong practice."

Qigong Instead of Cortisone

"I've been practising to and fro. I've attended several basic courses and the Autumn Course. I've had a break now for one and a half year, and my doctor is threatening to give me a shot of cortisone. I don't want that. That's why I came to this course. This night I only woke up once because of the arm. I know Qigong helps."

Keeps Depression Away

"I too chose Qigong instead of cortisone. I haven't got any problems with my arm any longer. But even more, Qigong has helped me mentally. I have a tendency for depressions, but when I practice regularly I keep it away from me. I don't dare stop practicing. Around Christmas I paused for three days and I immediately noticed a difference. But this course has given me a kick in the behind and a confirmation of how good Qigong actually is."

Light and Joy

"I attended my first basic course in 2003, but it's only during these last six months that I've practiced regularly every day. The most important difference is that I've been feeling infinitely better mentally. I've found a light and a joy that I've haven't had before."


"I've also been practising for several years and I've had help from Qigong in many different ways. When I haven't been practicing my life quality has been worse in all aspects. For some years now I've been practicing every day. It keeps my body in a good condition. I've had some injuries which sometimes show their faces again, but the pain and tensions disappear when I practice. Sometimes I need only a little Qigong, sometimes I need more. I study theatre and I've noticed that Qigong affects the creativity. The ideas are flowing. It feels good. I want more of that. I want to enjoy life, not only stay alive. It has been a nice course. A good course."

Karis back 350 110123

Sleeping Better

"This is my third course. I've been practicing quite well, but I still have difficulties relaxing my back. Now I'm starting to find some tensions. Maybe I've gotten some way. My sleep has improved. Usually I get a little blue, but that has also gotten better. And my feet are no longer cold."

Help against Fibromyalgia

"I have fibromyalgia. I'm stiff. I do think it has helped. Yesterday I was exhausted, but today I feel better."


"After my second Summer Course I've been practicing every day. I've been feeling good. I can't say anything special. I've begun to love myself and others more."

Back in Good Condition

"Qigong helps me in all aspects, physically and mentally. It has become a way of life. A while ago I made a longer journey, to the other side of the globe. I could have never done such a trip with the back I had before I started practising Qigong."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm