Hold Qi up Kalmar [2011-02-19]

There are a lot of people in Kalmar who have practised qigong for a long time and have had great results. Their results and experience helped the new participants to get a good start. There was an open and cheerful attitude through the whole course.

Some of the participants comments:

Meet New People

"I attended my first course last semester. It was very hard, my husband had just past away. I wanted to get in shape and meet new people. Before I came to the course I had pain in my back, right now it feels soft again. I've had a runny nose but it stopped this afternoon."

Back, Neck and Allergy

"I started to practise when I saw my daughter's improvements. I didn't have any pain but I thought that if it's good for my daughter it must be good for me. When I think about it I had some pain in my back and neck and my allergy is gone. I sleep much less nowadays. I have a routine to practise every morning."

Great Tool

"I've practised for a long time. Qigong is a great tool to feel better. I can handle hard situations in a better way. I feel secure knowing I have Qigong. If I think negative thoughts I just practise and then they disappear. Practising Qigong is a good way to start a new day."

Kalmar feb 2011

Forgot the Problems

"I started to practise because I had problems with stress and felt generally unwell. I became better and better after practising. I suffered from migraine and tinnitus before I started to practise. I forget many of the problems I had. I'm calmer and happier with my life after practising Qigong."

Mental Training

"My job is very stressful, I have to fly long distances and sit in bad positions. Qigong attracts me because it also practises the mental part. I can practise to relax myself. It feels good, I believe in this kind of training."

"I've been sick listed for a long time because of stress and burnt out. I need the mental relaxation that Qigong gives me. It helps me. I get a kick from the courses. I often visit the homepage and read personal stories to get an extra kick between courses."

Neck and Migraine

"I had a lot of problems with my neck and migraine. I tried Qigong while studying in Gothenburg. It was hard in the beginning, I couldn't understand how to relax and do the movements at the same time. I know my body in a better way now. I became calm as soon as I walked in to the training hall."

"I have problems with my neck, migraine and back. I regularly go to a chiropractor. Yesterday, after one day of training, I felt much better in my neck and back. Usually I'm tired in the evening but yesterday my mind was clear and I started to organize some things at home. It feels very positive."


Johannes Nordgaard