Autumncourse HQU (4d) Bergen [2010-11-25]

It was a glorious autumn weather with sun and almost full moon, but unusually cold, during the first autumn course in Norway. This time there were not any places to stay connected to training hall, but next year it is hoped that we can offer it. The idea behind the autumn course - which lasts for four days - is to provide opportunities for long-stay and training in Qi field. The course is framed by morning and evening training in the usual manners of our longer courses. The participants were fascinated by the philosophy behind Zhineng Qigong, which they felt gave a better understanding and they were very happy for the intense workout and thought it was inspiring and fun to learn more about the exercises. It was a great atmosphere, everyone was very relaxed and helpful - all helped each other - a couple of participants cooked at home to warm up on the course so that everyone could get a hot meal for dinner.

Comments from the course

«4 nice days - a good mood on the course."

Better vision

"A very nice course and good atmosphere. A lot has happened with my vision, the glasses will not work anymore. "


"A fantastic course. I do more and more, I try to compete and go faster than my fellow student at times, but I'll probably wait a while before I pass. "

Swelling in the wrist

«The Weekend course was fantastic, both the exercises and philosophy went straight to the heart. I participate in evening training sessions. On Thursday I got a swelling in the wrist, it was painful and I could not bend it. It was swollen to Friday lunch, then I could bend it again. "

Gratitude for the Qi field

"I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the qi field. It's been a lot to learn, thanks for that! "

Ankles and feet

«Thanks for a great course. It has worked in the ankles and feet and they have become much it better. "

Training and correction

"I am pleased with the practise. The course has been inspiring and beautiful. "

«Thanks for the best course so far."

"No matter how many courses you go, there are many details you can improve because your body is changing. I'm very pleased."


Patrik Rastija