Hold Qi up Bergen [2011-01-22]

Quite a few listeners came to the lecture Friday night, who received an introduction to what Zhineng Qigong is all about.

Both the lecture and the course was held at Sandsli Vidaregående Skule. There were many new participants, and they got good help with the correction of exercises by the repetitive. The participants were very satisfied with the course. Intensive birdsong framed the course at times and reminded us that we are "better times" to meet. Also this time there were good results. Eg one participant who had an arm related injuries and who could not lift the arm when she came to the course, but already on Saturday she lifted it over her head.

Comments from the course

Glandular fever

"I have been completely knocked out from glandular fever and been very ill for 14 days. Has become better during the course."

Bergen HQU Jan 2011

Need ear plugs

"I had to use earplugs in certain situations. But I suddenly discovered that I do not need them anymore."

"Empty" head

"Now I am totally blank in the head - usually it tend to be very many thoughts going on, a lot."


"I was very skeptical about Zhineng Qigong when I came here. I am less skeptical now. "


"During the time I have trained Zhineng Qigong, I have got rid of the melancholy that has plagued me. It feels like something has been" pushed "in place inside my head."

Before and after training

"I have trained for four months. It is common for people with chronic pain to become depressed. I can see before and after training of Zhineng Qigong, I have more joy in life now."

Neck, shoulders and blood pressure

"I also have trained for four months. I was skeptical from the beginning but practiced anyway. I had problems with neck, shoulders and blood pressure. Neck and shoulders have become better."


"It is incredibly nice to practise."

It helps

"The courses are getting better and better. Zhineng Qigong has always helped me with what has been wrong."


Patrik Rastija