Hold Qi up Pargas [2011-02-05]

A joyful crowd, that had gathered in Pargas for a course in Hold qi up, was able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Åbolands folkhögskola where we have organized our popular training course in the Autumn. This time around the autumn leaves didn't crown the trees outside the windows, but gleaming white snow crystals. Many positive results happened during the course, pain for example had disappeared. A lot of the participants commented on the warm atmosphere and how positive it was to get the movements corrected and improved. The training hall was bubbling with laughter and helpful comments when the participants helped each other.

From the participants comments:

Pain relief

" I have for a long time had really bad pain in my shoulders, in my arms and thumbs. I have had a hard time to hold on to things in my hand, but I don't feel anything now, it's so much better. My shoulders are also without pain."

"I haven't been able to use and move my shoulder because of pain, but right now I don't feel any pain at all!"

"My shoulders are so much lighter after this course. I sit a lot in front of the computer. I really believe in this and I'm going to continue to practice."

"It has happened a lot of exciting things during this course. A really good course! It has happened a lot in my bad neck, it is unusually better this course."

Pargas LUQ 110206

Calmer, better condition and concentration, no colds

"I don't think I would be able to be in my working life if I didn't practice qigong. I don't have any colds any more and I have gotten help with my bad back. I have become much calmer, softer and braver."

"I can concentrate so much better nowadays, I do a better job at work. I don't have any pain anywhere now, it's easy to forget how bad I was earlier. I have a better overall condition. The most important thing with the training is to find a way to make it a routine, I do it because I feel good when and after I do it, simply. I don't have colds any more, I stay younger."

Headache, migraine gone

"I had migraine on Friday and I have never had only one day of migraines, but it didn't return during the weekend. I have dared to keep my head down during training this course. I have received so much help from qigong, I had a headache all the time earlier, I don't have that any more."

Inflammation in the achilles' heel and tennis elbow healed, more alert

"I have had problems with an inflamed achilles' heel and tennis elbow when I joined my first course. It's gone now. I trained every day until Christmas, but after that it became sporadical and I have joined a course again now mostly to repeat the movements. I notice that these movements make you softer, I was much more stiff before the course."

"This is easy to take to heart, a really great course in every sense! I have slept for 15 hours in three nights, four hours last night, but I feel great now, very alert. I have a lot of energy. I have an injury to my shoulder that has started to feel better only during this course. Really incredible! I also have an inflammation in my achilles' heel that feels better. When I join other kinds of courses I usually get sick, headaches, but nothing like that has happened during this one, the opposite. So many wonderful people here!"

Better posture

"This is a wonderful way to move, qigong has given me a better posture, it feels good. The weekend courses perform miracles."

Migraine manageable, better condition, became taller

"After a had a child I got some kind of strange migraine with attacks where I had a horrible headache and threw up. It has become manageable with the practice. Last autumn my overall condition was tested where they measured my muscles and how much fat I have in my body. I had only done my qigong training and walking my dog, but they thought I did a lot of sports. I have also grown three centimeters because my waist and lower back is starting to be straighter. But the most important thing is that I have learned to use my mind in a good way, it is a wonderful tool to use if you just stop it going on autopilot and repeat!"

Happy about correcting movements, better blood values, better shoulders

"I've tried to join as many weekend courses that I can. I've had a tough autumn. It has been a great course, really strong! I have loved correcting my movements. Qigong has given me so much help both mentally and physically and on top of that my blood values are better. My stomach problems are gone. I can't imagine my life without qigong. The atmosphere here is so wonderful, so lovely people!"

"I join a lot of beginner's courses year in and year out and my heart gets so warm when you see how everyone help each other out by correcting each other and there are so many wise participants you hear in the circle and during the breaks."

"My shoulders are so much softer after the first day here, yesterday night. I was totally surprised by the La qi exercise, so simple yet effective. I really enjoy that we correct the movements, different people see different things."


Camilla Heidenberg