Hold Qi up Trondheim [2011-02-12]

The weekend course in Trondheim had almost 30 participants. 18 of them were new. Most of these were employees from a local Trondheim firm. They were supported by the company, inclusive 8 weeks' training after the course. Some of the new participants are suffering from physical problems. Several of them experienced rapid progress during the course. In addition many were pleased to receive help and corrections from repeating participants. At the same time they enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to do corrections themselves.

Course participants' comments

This method helps me relax

"I was apprehensive before this course. I have now learnt how to relax. The arms are my weak spot, however, I now feel that this method will help."

It works on edema

"My shoulder and arm trouble me. Now I have a warm feeling in my arm and shoulder area. Besides I suffer from edema in my body. During this course I had to run to the bathroom several times."

Numb foot stinging

"My balance has not been so good. One foot has been numb for a long time. Yesterday I had a stinging sensation in this foot. Someting is happening."

Muscular knot gone

"I feel relaxed. A muscular knot in my neck disappeared yesterday."

Softer body

"My shoulders and my body have become softer during this weekend course."

2011-02-13 Trondheim HQU

Feel better by standing

"It is kind of strange, by just standing here – I have now got a clearer physical consciousness and more energy. In fact I feel better."

Blood cirulation better

"I have felt tingling and warmth in my whole body during this course. This looks exciting."

New standing posture

"I have now learnt a new standing posture. I feel tingling in my body, and that things are opening up."

Stiff neck and shoulder recover

"My stiff neck and shoulder has been bothering me. I already feel much better."

Changes within my body

"My hips and legs trouble me. However, I already feel changes within my body. I can now relax. This practice is good for me."


"Today I can keep myself much better balanced."

Shoulders lovered a "notch"

"My expectations to this course have been fulfilled. My shoulders have lowered a "notch". I did not believe that was possible. Closing my eyes, I find calm. This course has been fine and relaxing."


"I had no particular expectations. I have felt calm and relaxed during this course."

Positive changes

"Something is happening; in my head as well as in my body. This training is worth following up."

Empty my brain

"During this weekend course I have managed to empty my brain from distracting thoughts, stress, work and everyday problems. For many years I have been practising in gym studios, running etc.. This works."

Back ache better

"During this weekend I have been able to lower my shoulders. I feel relaxed. My back ache is better now."

My Spring maintenance

"I have been looking forward to this course, which has been my Spring maintenance. On arriving here I was stressed. Now I have regained my calm. I also have felt Qi this weekend. It is exciting to feel this flow."


Patrik Rastija