Hold Qi up Hamar [2011-02-12]

Hamar showed one of it's most beautiful, but not warmest, sides during this year's first basic course in Hold Qi Up. Snow covered the landscape, smoke rose from the chimneys and the air was sparkling. Sunday morning the temperature was minus 33 degrees Celsius, which made the light special.

Minus 33 degrees Celcius in Hamar in February 2011

During the course the participants got quite much relaxation, training and Qi. This gave the participants increased energy levels as well as feelings of relief and happiness. The participants also got good results in that physical problems and problems with the nervous system was decreased or even disappeared.

Below follows some of the participants comments.

Calmer and More Energetic

"I was really calm during the course. It's such a nice feeling. I was not that painfully tired in the evening so I could sleep well and I got out of bed this morning without much effort. I feel that I can concentrate well today."

Regained the feeling in the hand

"20 years ago I suffered from a stroke. I would like to find a way to get myself into a state of better balance. I've enjoyed these two days. It's been a nice experience. I'll try to practice regularly as I think this could help me. Now after the course I've noticed that I have regained the feeling in my left hand which I haven't had since the stroke happened!"

Calmer and less colds

"I attended this course in Hamar a year ago but I didn't get any results at the course. Therefore I wanted to attend the course once again and then decide if this was something for me or not. But now, looking back at the year that has passed since my last course, I've actually become much calmer. I didn't suffer from any diseases when I came to the course last time and I'm healthy now too. But during the year that has passed I haven't had as many colds as usually. Usually I often get colds so it's a big difference. As I said, I didn't notice anything at the course but something obviously happened."

Can talk, stand and walk better

"When I was 2,5 years I was in a car accident. I got injured in among other things my head, hips and leg. I lift weights on a regular basis and after training on Friday I got sore muscles and as usual I felt stiff. But after the course yesterday it was all gone. The soreness and stiffness disappeared unusually fast. I also felt energetic after practicing at the course the whole day. Now, during the second day I notice that I can talk more freely and also I can stand and walk better. Qigong is interesting. I feel moved."

Hold Qi Up in Hamar during February 2011

Increased power and clearer in the head

"Retrospectively I've attended quite many courses, both basic courses, summer courses and winter courses. There's apparently a reason why I come to that many courses. As usual, at this course I've got some more power, increased energy level and I'm clearer in the head. It's been nice to attend this course and I'm looking forward to the winter course in the near future."

Nice with more energy

"For a long time I've suffered from low energy. I think this weekend has been fantastic. It started at the lecture. I experienced that I got a lot of energy just from sitting there and listening. Yesterday I got a wow-feeling as I got so much energy that I felt like a normal person! It has been so nice."

Better sleep than in a long time

"I haven't practiced qigong before and I haven't noticed anything special. But I slept well this night, which I haven't done in a long time."

Learning more from repeating

"I've attended the course before and now when I repeat I can learn more details in the exercise. I practice on a regular basis and I think it's both nice and rewarding to practice."

Better mood

"I've attended several basic course before and even a summer course. I notice that the training makes me calmer. At this course I got a lot of results. After the first day my daughter told me that my mood is better and that it's more fun to spend time with me."

Surplus and calmness

"Before the course I felt that I had hit the rock bottom but the lecture became a turning point. Now I feel a deep calm and that I have a surplus of energy. My life feels brighter and I want to try to keep the things that I have achieved."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen