Hold Qi up Bodø [2011-01-29]

The participants joining this weekend course at Bodø High School did not express any major health concerns. Their main purpose was to learn about the Zhineng Qigong method and experience the course by practising.

Course participants' comments:

Softer shoulders

"Stiff shoulders feel much better now".

Interesting to learn

"An interesting course. Feels good for my body, especially my shoulders and my arms."

Old injury gone

"An old injury in my shoulder blade has now disappeared".

2011-01-29 Bodø HQU 2

Calm and relaxed

"The movements are fine and relaxing".

"This course has taught me how to relax. It works. This is a good method for reducing stress levels."

"I feel good".

"It is lovely to be in these movements for a whole weekend".

Steep learning curve

"A good course. Quick learning. I recommend the weekly group training on Tuesdays."

2011-01-29 Bodø HQU 1


Ingrid Tidemann