Hold Qi up Ljungby [2011-02-05]

Most of the participants on the course were beginners. Many of them came because they were curious about qigong. They quickly understood the importance of mental relaxation and the level of concentration were high during the course.

From the participants comments:

Calm and Secure

"Even though I practised for many years and been to many weekend courses I still feel like I learn something on a weekend course. It feels like I've been to spa after a weekend course. Qigong is a great tool when I have to do something that's hard, for example a job interview. I feel calm and secure in myself when practising qigong."

"I started to practise about four years ago. I had some problems with stress. The exercises helped and I became calmer."


"I have practised for three years. I started because I was curious about Qigong. I had problems with migraine but the past six months I only had one migraine attack. I also had a lump on my hand which is gone now."


"I was curious about this method. It's good to start when you are healthy, not wait until you get problems. I feel inspired to continue practising."

Poetic and Beautiful

"It's fun to try different methods. I'm a therapist and practise to stay healthy. This method is very poetic and beautiful. I'm surprised I didn't get any sore muscles from the exercises."


Johannes Nordgaard