Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2011-01-22]

Åland's pearl, the beautiful Mariehamn, gave us wonderful winter weather. Still, many people, both beginners and repeating student came to our course in Hold Qi up. The atmosphere on the course was good, lots of laughter was heard and in the breaks people socialized people diligently.

From the participants comments:

React different

"I started training ten years ago. I did what the teacher said that time and started practicing every day and I went to the group training sessions and courses and has done so to date. It has been a very exciting trip and I have no plans to stop. I used to react much the emotions around me and I got easily involved in this and regretted it afterwards. Today I act in a completely different way. I see that it is other people's problems and that I can not do anything about it. They have to solve it by themselves. Now I can keep a distance and help them instead. I have changed with the help of Qigong and this helps others. "

Neck- and back problems

"I have neck and back problems. When I am in pain I'm practice and afterwards I feel better."


"I practice regularly and my training has cured my migraines. I exercise when I get up in the morning and in the evening. It makes me feel good. I will not stop practicing qigong."

Problems with joints

"I started training because I had pain in my joints. By to practice qigong, my joints have become much better and more flexible. Qigong keep them soft. The doctors are amazed at how flexible I am in spite of how damaged my joints are."

New person

"My experience says that this is such an amazing tool that words can not describe. I am stiff in the morning and when I practice becomes like a new person."


"When I came home yesterday from the course, I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up the pain I had when I arrived at the course had disappeared."

More resistance

"When you practice qigong you get more resistance to most things. Cold, stress, etc. My children tell me that I should practice when I have not."

Love to practice

"I love to practice qigong."

Headache, Back shot

"Practice makes me happy. When I started practicing I had headaches once a week and back shots once a month. I have never had after I started practicing. Such small improvements can make the quality of life much better."


Lars Hagner