Summer course training Stockholm [2011-01-06]

Around eighty Qigong practitioners gathered in Stockholm during Epiphany for our traditional four-day practice course. They had in common the fact that they have all participated in at least one Summer Course previously. The joy of meeting again was great, people came from all parts of Sweden as well as from Norway, Finland and Germany.

Su Dongyue gave a lecture as well as Qi regulation. As could be expected, we practised a lot. The Qi-field was strong and the concentration among the participants was high. The course was an appreciated source of energy for many after the holidays.

From the participants comments:

Sprained ankle

"I think there has been a great course and I've enjoyed that has been so much training here. My shoulder has gotten better, it is easier to do the exercises now. My sprained ankle seems to have been healing faster, it will quickly become better."


"I had a lot of curve in lower back when I started training three years ago. For the first time, I feel that I can correct it better and I feel can relax better. I can relax my hands better too."

"I like to practice as much as I do here on this course. I think my concentration has been good during this course and I feel more relaxed. I have had good corrections and we have been able to focus on details. Now that I've been on this course so I look very forward to the winter course."

Colds, Sinusitis

"I've practiced every day for 11 years and much has been improved with my body. When I started practicing, I had many colds and I had big problems with sinusitis who refused to let go. That is no longer a problem for me. Zhineng Qigong has also helped me with problems with my joints. I have had good results with Zhineng Qigong."

Softer, Calmer

"I think this has been a great course. I have been softer in the arms and back. I have also become calmer."


"When I arrived at my first summer I had severe problems with constipation which I had since I was little. Constipation persisted for 18 days, during the whole course, but after the summer course the problem has disappeared."

"I have had problems with constipation since childhood, at worst it has passed 30days without going to the bathroom. During this course, I have not been constipated, I am very happy, finally results."

Snow shoveling

"It's been a peaceful course. Tensions from shoveling snow has disappeared. Thanks for a great course."

"I feel calmer. This is a good start to the new year. I have got rid of the tension from all the shoveling of snow."


"I started to practice this method to get rid of my migraines. During this course, I have really felt how it worked on my "migraine side". The pain is released when I leave the room but starts again when I enter. I have been able to remain calm and today I feel better and feel one step closer to my goal."

Mentaly, Thinking way

"It's a good start to the New Year, to get in shape in all ways. I think I mainly got mental results."

"I've come to understand that I try to get away from the thinking way. I need to try to practice in another way. The lectures have helped me to get started."

Stomach pain

"I wish to thank you for a great course and thank Ellen for bringing me here. I have had problems with abdominal pain for some time. I have felt the pain throughout the course. Yesterday when I took out the garbage, I felt a bolt of pain in my stomach. Today I have no pain at all. The lectures have meant a great deal form me. Qigong has let me gradually understand that I am good enough as I am."

Hips pain, Pregnancy

"I've had an overwhelming autumn. I have attended quite many weekend courses. I suffered from pain in my hips that was so bad I couldn't sleep on both sides. During my first weekend course, my hip snapped and after that I have been able to sleep on both sides. I am pregnant, a fact that surprises the doctors. I have a large myoma on my uterus and the doctors told me I would not be able to conceive. When I still did, they said I would never carry to term and they predicted an early miscarriage. I'm now 28 weeks pregnant, so even if it would get started now, the probability is very high that things will work out well. I'm thinking that my body will handle this, and I handle it myself as well as I can with the support of Qigong. Practising Qigong has made me feel really well this autumn."

Neck pain

"In December a vertebra slipped out of place and I have had problems sleeping due to the pain in my neck. Due to my thesis work I could only join two days this time, but already after the course yesterday I could sleep with no pain in my neck. Since I rarely join a course, it was great to get corrections. Now I will start practising more and join the Tuesday practice group."

Thankfullness, Selfesteam

"I am really satisfied with the thorough corrections I got. Arm training was tough and much has happened. Thanks to Qigong I have better self- esteem and I can love myself a little more. You are so wonderful."

"I am very grateful that I have qigong in my life."

Social part

"I've practised for five years. The four days course is wonderful. It's high quality training. The social part is nice."

"I've liked that it's been a lot of training on the course. It is also so nice to meet everyone, it warms my heart."

"The course has meant a lot to me mentally. I've got a kick, got stronger and I'm in better balance. I can do the arm training better now. I've practised a lot during the autumn. It has been a nice course and it feels good to meet everybody."


"A very good course. The time has past very fast. It's like the course only lasted for a minute. I had a concussion a while ago but now it feels like I'm completely recovered."


Lars Hagner