Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2010-09-25]

A joyful crowd had gathered from near and far to learn Hold Qi Up. The atmosphere was warm in Medborgarinstitutet in Ekenäs and the participants expressed that they got many improvements during the course: knots inside the stomach smaller; shoulder pain totally gone; easier to breathe; cough gone and lost sensations in the back returned.

Comments from the participants:

Stomach Knots Smaller and Softer

"I have gotten so much help from Qigong. I have scars from operations inside my stomach that have been like big knots and I have a really tense belly, but I got a softness in my stomach during my first Summer Course this year. I have some places that have been hard that have softened up during this weekend. I have also become more flexible and become more calm."

Lungs Opened Up, Cough Gone

"I have had such pain in my shoulders but it disappeared now during this last practice session. An other incredible thing happened when I was corrected how I stand. I stand a bit crooked and suddenly something opened up in my lungs when I got corrected. I find it so much easier to breathe. I coughed a lot during the lecture, if you remember, I don't couch any more now. I have more energy now, feel really alert. I will absolutely continue with this."

The Whole Back Opened Up

"Something is happening. I have landed in my body, my back, legs and arms. I have become much better in being in my own body when I do the movements. During the Summer Course something opened up in the base of my back, the last course in between my shoulder blades and now I feel that my whole back has opened up."

First Aid

"I have realized only during the last few weeks that I have used Qigong like first aid, like one takes an pain killer. When I get a bad feeling in my legs, in my back or in my head I do Qigong and then it is ok again. Then I stop and wait until some part of my body feel worse again and I do Qigong again. I've been satisfied with that, but now I have realized that I need to go further and see what happens if I train more."

Back and Neck Better, Pollen Allergy Gone

"I feel I have gotten help already after a day of Qigong. My neck was much better yesterday already."

"I have had problems with lumbago, I was on sick leave a lot earlier. But now I hardly have any problems any more and if I have it, it passes quickly. My allergy to pollen has also disappeared."


"I have gotten a lot of insights this weekend. I see thing more clearly now."

"I like to attend these courses also because I learn so much by helping others. You experience something new every course."

"A lot of things have happened on the mental plane, I have had insights about things and old memories has surfaced."

Positive, Better Balance

"Qigong has helped me with my balance, my vigour and my mental balance. It heightens the mood and makes life nicer, more pleasurable."

"I've felt during this course that I can stand very well. My feet stay together and I can rest in how we learned us to stand. It feels really good now. I noticed I stood for a whole break... by mistake."

"I feel so incredibly positive about this."


Camilla Heidenberg