Hold Qi up Helsinki [2010-10-02]

For several years Zhineng Qigong has been cooperating with the seniors association in Munksnejd in Helsinki and the collaboration continued during this basic weekend course. Participants of all ages had gathered in the warm and sunny facilities of the service house in Munksnäs. Several participants commented on the warm and helpful atmosphere and the beginners' eagerness to learn Hold Qi Up also raised the spirit during the weekend. Many of the participants got improvements already during the weekend: improved sleep, less pain in the shoulders, improved back after an accident and muscle disease. Also an expecting mother was able to take part in the course with only a couple of weeks to her due date. She was amazed how well she felt and that she was able to stand and practise throughout the course.

Comments from the participants:

Improved Sleep, Care and Joy

"It feels so good with the comfort and care I have got during this course. The people here are so warm and wonderful. I usually sleep badly and last night I slept really well all night and woke up when the alarm clock rang, not before."

"I am so curious about this now, this is my first course. I like the La Qi practice a lot!"

"I am very happy that I have been here!"

"I am convinced I will continue with this, I am very happy with the course and feel inspired."

"It has been very nice and positive. I look forward to the practice with confidence."

Tinnitus Improved, Improvements in Problems Due to a Muscle Disease and Accident

"I have a muscle disease and had an accident that gave me a brain injury. I have had very good changes. The daily pain has disappeared, also the headache. The cramps I used to have, have improved significantly. I had an inflammation in my hands that is much better, I have warmer hands now. My tinnitus has disappeared and my eyes are clearer. My energy level is higher. Today I feel that something happened with the brain injury, something opened up in the bones and head, in my arms and back that are most injured. Something with the nerves, the sensations are stronger in my back now. I work from home with creative things and I notice that I go into a creative state faster if I practise Qigong first."

Easy pregnancy

"I have practised Qigong for some years now and have been feeling great now during my pregnancy. I will give birth in a few weeks and it feels so good to come to a course. I have been standing the whole course with no problems and I think Qigong has given me a calm state concerning the upcoming labour. The baby feels it when I practice."

Neuropathic Pain and Depression Improved

"I recommend taking part in courses, especially the Summer Course, one gets so much from the courses. I have a neuropathic injury that has improved. I also get help with my depression. Qigong gives me an improved sense for my own body and more joy in everything I do, for example dancing that I like."

"I am working with my depression that I have had since I was six years old. It is difficult for me to allow my emotions, I have needed help with that, but yesterday I felt that something changed. It feels much better now, I feel like I have the courage to be alone and still feel my emotions and express them."

"I felt from the beginning that this is wonderful, really my thing. I have become more harmonious and joyful."

Better Balance, Easier to Find Solutions to Problems

"I have problems with my balance, when I started I could not stand with my feet together and have my eyes closed. My balance has improved a lot thanks to Qigong. Nowadays I can even bend the knees with my head down. I also have more energy. Another effect that has come is that after I practice Qigong is that I see solutions to problems that I have been carrying around for days. I have tested it, and I really get solutions for things that I need help with after I do Qigong. I think that the 'dizziness' that was in my head has cleared up."

Pain in the Shoulders Improved

"I am really happy I was able to come. During the winter I had to walk with a stick because of an operation in my hips and my shoulders got painful after that. I feel they are better after the weekend!"

"Thank you for a very nice course. I have a problem with my neck but the movements feel good for me. I will come to the group practice."

"This has helped me a lot, it has given me so much!"


Camilla Heidenberg