Hold Qi up Helsinki [2010-11-20]

Our first course in Helsinki was held with a blizzard outside our windows. Even though road conditions were not the best, we had people all the way from Ekenäs and Korsholm joining us for the course. Many of the repeating participants have already joined many of our courses, but still felt that they learned something new this time too. Thanks to the good support from their more experienced classmates, the new participants got off to a good start with their Qigong practice.

Read more about the participants' experiences of Zhineng Qigong in their comments below.

Better Balance, Headaches Gone, Mental Clarity

"In the beginning, I found it difficult to get started. Now I have been practising daily for some time. The balance of my feet is much better. I used to have constant headaches. Now I never notice my head aching at all. I sleep much better. I just keep getting better and better, and now I wouldn't dare, or even want to, stop practising. My head feels clearer when I practise. Problems that I may have can suddenly find a solution after I have practised. I practise instead of taking a nap – it is much more effective."

Less Pain in Neck, Less Dizzy, More Mobile and Better Posture

"I attended my first course a few months ago and have been practising daily since then. I have had good results. My neck hurts less and I'm not as dizzy any more. I am also very mobile and my posture has improved. What is so great about Qigong is that it is a means of taking care of oneself. I have learned many new details."

Better Control

"I have learned to open my eyes slowly, so I have at least improved my control somewhat."

Practising Is More Effective than Sleep

"I have learned that relaxation and the gentle smile are important. In the morning, I rather wake up 20 minutes earlier and practise than sleep, because 20 minutes of practising gives me more than 20 minutes of sleep."

Better Movement, More Creative and Productive

"Previously, I have moved my body by sheer willpower, but now I have noticed that I am inside the movement. I feel like something is about to fall into place. I am more creative and productive. I recommend the Summer Course. The preconception that I have of not being able to do things is changing when I suddenly realise that I am doing what I thought I could not do."

Stay Healthy

"I stay healthy by practising Qigong."

Something New Every Time

"I have learned some new details during this course."

"I have noticed that Qigong is good for me and this is why I want to keep on practising. Once again, I have learned some new things and my motivation to practise has also increased."

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg