Hold Qi up Oslo [2010-11-20]

Since 1996 the European Zhineng Qigong Center has been offering several lectures, weekend courses and weekly group training in Oslo. According to tradition this weekend course was also held at Lilleborg Skole at Torshov. The calm atmosphere in the aula embraced all of us this weekend.

The intention and will to practise Zhineng Qigong was high within the group. Even participants with severe problems were able to practise in a standig position the whole weekend.

Calm with my eyes closed

"I feel more relaxed. The practice is very comfortable. It is good to do the exercises with my eyes closed."

Cronic ear inflammation much better

"Very often I feel my strength disappear. Today I am much better. My blood circulation has been improved. Since I was a child I have been suffering from ear inflammation. This weekend I noticed much activity inside my ears, and they are now much better."

More energy

"Having been burnt out for 3 years I needed more energy. This is a comfortable training method, and I like practising with my eyes closed. I feel calm here."

Injured knee recovering

"I have been in touch with a soft, gentle energy, like my blood circulation. I am a little bit sleepy now. My knee, which was injured, has now become better. I feel good."

Stiff shoulders relaxed

"I feel calm and relaxed. This weekend I have been able to lower my shoulders, and I feel energized."

2010-11-20 HQU Oslo

Stuffed nose opened

"My shoulders have been bothering me much. In this course they have sunk considerably. It feels good. My nose has been stuffed, however, now I can breathe well. This Qigong practice is good for me. I feel relaxed here."

Back ache gone

"It is good to repeat the exercises and be corrected. This has been a good group. Yesterday my back ached, but not today. My body is now relaxed."

Weak arm stronger

"Now I am energized. My arm has been rather weak. During the Qi-regulation I registered better blood circulation and I also noticed a prickling in my arm. My arm is now much better."

Good to be corrected

"I like the focused training and good correction practise."

Pressure in sinuses gone

"My body has become warmer. The pressure in my sinuses went away."

Recommendation to practise

"I recommend everyone to join our weekly group practice in the Qifield."

2010-11-20 HQU Oslo (3)


Ingrid Tidemann