Hold Qi up Kvinnherad [2010-11-13]

This time we practised at Utåker, with a nice view of the sea nearby. The course participants were eager to concentrate and correct one another perfecting their movements to get more Qi – fast. All felt very happy on behalf of one of the participants, who got rid of her cronic headache during this course.

Muscle pain released

"My 'angry' muscles are now softer. I plan to practise Zhineng Qigong every day."

"The tension disappeared in my back, lumbar region and shoulders. My waist and stomach are now more relaxed."

6 years' headache disappeared

"I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia and cronic headache. Today, for the first time in 6 years, I have no headache."

Better Qi regulation

"I start to realize what Qigong is about. I have had problems with my lumbar region. Now I feel a strong warmth in my back. Something is changing."

Correction gives extra Qi

"It is good to be corrected. The correction gives me something extra."

My husband notices my improvements

"I have been practising regularly for 5 years. It keeps me mentally balanced. My husband notices that my practising Zhineng Qigong makes me look more healthy. The arm movements are excellent."


"I was very tired and sleepy. The course has been very energizing."

Allergy better

"The course has given me much energy. My allergic skin reactions have diminished. The red allergic colour has become pale, and it is not itching any more."

2010-11-13, HQU Kvinnherad

My back- and shoulder pain disappeared

"Stress has been bothering me. Now I am very relaxed. While my movements were corrected, my back- and shoulder pain disappeared. My cronic ischiatic troubles are now gone. I managed to concentrate during this course, and learn quickly. I recommend for all to join the weekly group training."

Enjoy the correction practice

"I enjoyed the correction practice very much. It is good to be joining this strong Qifield. I hope all course participants will join the weekly group training."

Quick learning

"I learnt fast this time. The time passed fast. The training was good and i felt very relaxed. I recommend the weekly group training."


Ingrid Tidemann