Hold Qi up Vasa [2010-10-09]

For the tenth time in Vasa, allegedly the sunniest city in Finland, we arranged a course this autumn. And sure, the sun did show its face during the weekend. A good blend of new and repeating participants had gathered in the cozy Vasa Arbis to practise Zhineng Qigong together. Many of those repeating repeated the course for the first time and thought it was very positive to get the opportunity to improve the quality of the movements. The new participants were motivated and learned the movements quickly. Both new and repeating participants took the opportunity to discuss the Zhineng Qigong philosophy and have their questions answered.

During the weekend we could clearly see that Zhineng Qigong is an effective method. Those who have been practising for a while could tell about the good they had received from practising: pain in back, migraine, allergies and asthma have improved thanks to them practising Qigong. One of the beginners woke up on Sunday morning, for the first time in a long time without any pain in her joints. Reed more about the results of the course in the extract of the participant's comments.

Woke up without Pain

"A colleague has told me about Qigong, I've heard a lot of good about Qigong from her. I've been working a lot. I had a burn out 6 or 7 years ago, and I've also been suffering from stress, stomach problems, panic disorder and heart palpitations, and on top of it all my joints in feet and hands has been aching. Today, for the first time in 3 months, I woke up without any pain, and further, my stomach has been well today and yesterday evening I was at work and I didn't feel as stressed out as I usually do. I hope to get a routine to practise Qigong now. I've been pleased with the course."

Vasa LUQ 101010

Bronchi Opened, Tennis Elbow Better, Better Posture

"During the course I felt my bronchi opening when we practised Hold Qi Up. Since I started practising Qigong my body has gotten softer and I sleep better. I used to have a chronic tennis elbow but it's gotten much, much better – I manage with 95% less pain killers and I was even able to paint my house this summer without my arm getting inflamed, I'm very pleased about this. I've also gotten a more straight posture, due to this I've gotten two centimetres taller."

Back Better and Mucus in the Throat Loosened

"This is my fifth weekend course, and I've also been to Summer Courses and the Autumn Course. Something makes me come again. My back and posture has gotten better. Last Friday I went bowling for two hours for the first time in many years, but I didn't have any pain afterwards and I slept well. For many years I've been suffering from stress stomach, and I've also had a burn out for which I've been declared unable to work for half a year. My stomach has been a lot better after the Summer Course. Something loosened up in my throat yesterday, the mucus loosened and I started coughing."

Better back, Singing Better

"I've got problems with my back and I've got numbness in my legs. I feel better from the training. But I should practise regularly. Over all I feel better when I practise more. I've also noticed that I sing better in the choir, the pipes are cleared. My stomach problems have gotten better. No bad things have happened, only positive things. Repeating the course has been necessary to get my movements corrected."

Help with Allergies, Stress Stomach and Migraine

"I've gotten help with a lot of things since I started practising Qigong; I've had allergies, stress stomach and migraine. After my first course my stomach got better. My allergies have almost disappeared and I can eat more. I used to have migraine attacks two times a year, but not anymore. It's nice to have Qigong when you are exposed to stress. Qigong gives me energy and makes me able to do more."

Less Migraine

"For two years now I've been practising more actively. I have less migraine attacks. I used to have severe attacks but now I can't remember when I had a migraine last time, which feels very good. It's good that I came to the course this weekend."


Jeanette Heidenberg