HQU 2 Stockholm [2010-11-27]

Our Hold Qi Up 2 course has been the last course of the semester in Stockholm for some years now. The fact that we practise more in this course than in the basic course is appealing to participants who have been with us for a longer time. We also have people from other cities joining us in this course.

The atmosphere was good and a calm descended over the room. All the participants' Qi was replenished – a clear benefit as December and the stress of Christmas draws near.

From the participants comments:

Alert and Happy

"The weekend has been calm and nice. I feel more energetic and happy when I practice a lot."


"It feels good. I feel unusually calm and satisfied. I got deeper into relaxation. Thanks for the course."


"I'm grateful for the course. I've had good corrections of the body. What I got from the course is to be strong in yourself and not be affected by anything that happens."

Respect-filled environment

"I attended my first course for twelve years three weeks ago and now I feel refreshed even though I'm tired. It is as if there is something other than ordinary fatigue. When I came to the last course, when it had been so long since the last time, I got the feeling of coming home. I like it here. Although there are people I do not know, I feel at home and welcome. There is a respect-filled environment. You can be who you are here, you can grow here."

Less tired and worn out

"Tend to be tired and worn out in November, but I've tried to be join on all courses this autumn and I'm not as worn and tired as I usually am."

Practice, migrain

"I like this course because it is more practice time. I've had an approaching migraine all day, but now it's gone."


"There has been an enjoyable course. It has become easier for me to relax. I've got a stillness in myself."


Lars Hagner