Hold Qi up Turku [2010-11-06]

We have been active in Finland for over a decade, but so far almost exclusively in Swedish. One of our first course venues in Finland was Turku, so it is only natural that our first courses in Finnish are also organised in Turku. The first Finnish course was organised here a year ago and in the beginning of November we held our second Finnish course – also in Turku. We were happy to see so many beginners find their way to the course, even though we are still quite unknown to Finnish speakers in Finland. It was clear that there is a need for this from the positive atmosphere and curiosity that characterised the course. Many of the new participants expressed their gratitude for the way we structure our courses pedagogically. One participant even said he had never learned anything so quickly before. Many of the repeating students have joined many courses before, but still noted that they could learn something new this time too.

In the nice atmosphere the weekend passed quickly, but we still had good results from our training. Below you can read about some of the results that the participants have had through practising Zhineng Qigong.

Body Feels Different

"My body feels different after this course. I look forward to practising with my colleague after work tomorrow."


"I feel relaxed. I want to learn more about Qigong and continue practising."

More Energy, Easy to Learn

"I feel more energetic now than yesterday. I think this is a good method that suits me well. I have admired your method of teaching and I am surprised at how quickly I have been able to learn."

Stiffness in the Neck Opened Up

"It's hard to say anything about results yet, but I can clearly notice that the stiffness in my neck has opened up during the course. I look forward to seeing if I can get my muscles to relax."

Great Ambiance

"I am grateful for the wonderful ambiance in the course and for all the friendly people."

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Better Control of the Body, Mind Alert

"I have practised Qigong for six years and it is now an inevitable part of my life. Qigong keeps my shoulders well and my mind alert. My body control has improved and last winter I could even go down-hill skiing, something I would not have managed without Qigong."

Arrhythmia Disappeared, Physical Condition Maintained

"I have practised Qigong for a long time. Over the years, some minor ailments have popped up, such as arrhythmia of the heart and stress, but when I practise some more, I notice that, for instance, the arrhythmia has disappeared. My body is more flexible and my mind is calmer. It is great to notice that my physical condition has not deteriorated over the years, but rather that I can have positive surprises in that area as well. I also use Qigong as emergency medication for, for instance, stress related headaches and depression."

Handles Stress Better and Does Not Easily Get Agitated

"I have also practised Qigong for quite some time. After a couple of years I was hooked. Qigong has improved my stress symptoms, problems with blood pressure and my moods. I do not get as easily agitated any more."

Calmer and Greater Joy of Living

"My Qi levels are naturally low and I have been tired ever since puberty. I heard about this method from a colleague and after a difficult summer in 2005 I started practising. It was one of my best decisions ever. Qigong has helped me manage my daily life better. I can keep calmer, I feel a greater joy of living and various symptoms of aging have been alleviated. One example is that I sleep better nowadays. After my first course, I found it a bit hard to start practising, but after my second course everything fell into place."

Better Walking and Standing Posture

"Qigong is a trusty old friend and I try to practise as much as I can. Those who saw me in 2005, when I started practising, notice how much Qigong has helped me. I walk in a completely different way, my posture is better, and I stand in a better way. If I had not practised Qigong I would surely have needed a rollator walker by now. As a person, I am a bit impatient and I thought I would not manage to repeat a basic course, but now I notice that I can still learn new things. It was also nice to participate in a course in Finnish."

Qigong Helps My Body and Mind

"I have practised for a year and I also practise regularly at home. I have noticed that it helps my bad back. It does good for my entire body and mind."

Can Handle Stress Better and Recovered from Surgery

"I have practiced Qigong for five years, ever since I had surgery for breast cancer. I thought that stress was one reason why I fell so seriously ill. Qigong has helped me handle stress better and I am also calmer in my interaction with the students in the school where I work. Qigong also helped me recover physically after the surgery."

Inspiration and Something New in Every Course

"This is my fifth basic course. After the first basic course I tried to practise at home and in the group but it felt too difficult and I quit. When I repeated the course after a year, I learned the movements and was inspired again. In every course I learn something new and I can also improve my movements. Qigong helps my bad back and does so much good. I sleep better and I can keep calmer. My husband thinks I'm a nicer wife nowadays."

A Complete Method

"I find it difficult to find words to describe what I'm feeling, all I can say is that I feel good and calm. At this point in time I'm quite tired and I have not been able to pay too careful attention during the course. For this reason it has been very good that you have demonstrated how to do the movements all the time. I have my challenges, especially when it comes to patience. I have been searching for a method, a way of life, that can keep me in shape both mentally and physically. I have practised the Reiki method, but there I miss the physical part. This feels like a complete method and I think I will learn it step by step."

A Comprehensive Method that is Easy to Practise

"I'm usually really tired around four or five in the afternoon, but yesterday, already after the first day of the course, I was really alert and continued to be the entire evening. I have practised different martial arts earlier and the movements are a bit similar. Maybe that has helped me here. I think La Qi feels really good and I will start practising that every day. Qigong feels like a comprehensive method and I like the fact that you can practise anywhere and anytime without any special equipment."

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg