Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2010-09-25]

The course in Mariehamn attracted people from the whole island. The participants had time to practise, correct the movements and have interesting discussions during the breaks.

Comments from the participants:

Positive Attitude

"This is my first course. I have problems with my shoulders. One is totally locked. I've been on sick leave because of my shoulder. I declared that I should start to practise Qigong if my hands became agile again. And here I am. I want to be able to take responsibility for my health. I thought a lot about having a positive attitude. My shoulder likes to do this movement. It feels like there is more energy in my shoulders. I'm happy there's a group that get together and practise every Thursday here in Mariehamn."


"I joined this course because I wanted to start practise again. Now I want to attend more weekend courses. I got many tips and corrections during the course. I felt inner happiness when I came yesterday and now it feels even better."

"I have concentrated on the standing posture. I have done a few corrections, which made it easier to practise."

Lumbago, Blood Pressure

"Before I started to practise Qigong I often had lumbago. I have now practised for fifteen years and during this time I got lumbago only once. And that was during a summer when I didn't practise that much. A while ago my blood pressure was really high. The doctor gave me medicine and the instructions to start using it immediately. I gave Qigong a week and during that time my blood pressure was normalized."

Mariehamn LUQ september 2010 Ny


"I have bad patience, I believe this is good for me."


"I have participated in every course since I started to practise Qigong. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to practise Qigong. I like to meet all the new participants. I like La Qi because I can feel qi when we do that exercise."


"The training makes me feel good. My ability to handle stress has increased."

Qigong as an art form

"I often say that I have one life before Qigong and one after. I immediately felt when I started to practise Qigong that this is good. I got a lot of help from the training. Qigong is a kind of art that is very enriching."


"I started to practise one year ago. It's been a fruitful year. The training makes me calm."

Prevention Purpose

"I've played a lot of ball games during my life. I felt that I wanted to start something new now when I will retire. A friend told me about Qigong. I practise with purpose of preventing health problems. It's better to start before you get pain."

Appealed by the Philosophy

"I didn't know anything about Qigong before the course. The philosophy appeals to me. The most thought provoking is to realise how bad my body control is. I want to give Qigong a chance."


Johannes Nordgaard