Hold Qi up Norwich [2010-11-06]

We where back again at nice Lionwood school at the top of a hill at Norwich. The weather outside was typical autumn with both rain and sunshine and lots of beautiful coloured leaves.

The old participant's very quick make the beginners feel welcome and help them to learn the movements in our exercises and the atmosphere were warm and friendly. As one of the participants said after the course: "the beginners are very quickly included".

Comments from the participants:

Pain free

"It was a fantastic weekend and I loved it. I am amazed how I continue to learn more and more. This is the first course I have done without pain. The last months I have been pain free for the first time at 30-35 years! I am much suppler in my whole body now and I found that I like my body now."

Practice every day

"I practise every day and I am still learning a lot. I want to practise more but the house gets untidy and I wonder what my husband will say! After I started with qigong all my life happens so beautifully."

Deeper relaxation

"I am happy about all the new participants that turned up, we all contribute to the Qi field and we all gain from it. A lot of mental things are happening now and this course I have been more aware of relaxation. I have given it a lot more attention and that feel good and make me relax much deeper."

"This is the first time for me and I am surprised how much I could manage to do since I am not in the best shape. I liked to learn in a big group and I liked the relaxation a lot. I found that very helpful."

"Yesterday I felt a deeper relaxation than I have done before and it was so lovely. I now realise that the understanding comes with the movements."

"I felt resistance to come here at first, but now it is good to be here. I am starting to relax more and I also try to enjoy the qi field more."

I feel inspired

"This feels incredible useful, interesting and I am inspired to continue to practise. I look forward to that and I will not give up."

Get in contact with the body

"This was a good weekend and I enjoyed it. Qigong is putting me in touch with my body; the small different movement helps with that. I feel like I was in touch with the floor and with energy."

Welcoming atmosphere

"It has been delightful today; it is easy to slip back to the practising in a group after being away for a while. I noticed how easy it is for all beginners to get included into the group immediately. The atmosphere is very welcoming."

"I have an absolutely lovely and relaxed feeling today. And I have not been so focused on myself. I want to go to the summer course in the future."

"I enjoyed this two days, it has been nice and settle and harmonious."

Supple in the body

"This was something extraordinary. It was exactly the right time to do this for me. I have a lot of problems in my body, but I already feel supple in my body when I do the movements."

Joint pain

"Last night I cooked a meal which had ingredients that I usually would get pain in my joints of, but I did not get any pain at all. During this course I have hade some moments of pure joy while practising."

Qi field

"I loved the feeling that I felt connected with people during the course. It is so good to repeat a course; it is easy to forget that. I love to be in the strong qi field."

Open up

"I have enjoyed being with the group. Qigong has helped me to open up more and not disappear into myself. Usually I don't even speak in front of a group like I am doing now."

Prevent ageing problems

"It is good energy to be here. I feel that qigong is preventing from ageing problems and it is very helpful to the work I do as it is quite hard. My body does not feel as stiff as before. People tend to live their life to much in their emotions and I get help not to do that too much from qigong."


Fatima Ringvall