Hold Qi up Pargas [2010-10-02]

After having had a short break we once again arranged a basic course in Pargas, this time in the beautiful surroundings at Axxells in Pjukala. There were many participants from Pargas as well as from other parts of Finland. Together we took the chance to get more energy, with autumn darkness waiting around the corner. The participants were pleased and felt the course had been rewarding. The new participants were surprised at getting results so fast from the training. The repeating participants were particularly happy about getting more motivation to practise, and for learning something new each time you repeat a course. Many start practising Qigong because they have seen friends or family members getting good results from the training. This time several participants could tell about the good of practising together with the family.

From the participants' comments:

Fell Asleep More Easily

"I went to bed ten past nine yesterday and fell asleep immediately. I never do that."

Worn Out Hips Much Better

"I'm very pleased! I've have a worn out hip and was in a lot of pain yesterday. I'm not used to standing the way we do and I had a hard time focusing. In the evening I couldn't feel any pain anymore. It wasn't hard to fall asleep at all and in the morning I wasn't in any pain. Today I've only had a little pain. It's unbelievable. I'm very pleased and I will continue practising. I'm also going to join the practising group."

Softer Shoulders

"I liked the arm training. The shoulders feel soft in a completely different way now. I've tried to exercise them in all kinds of ways, but this feels different."

Less Stress Problems, Better Concentration and Sleep

"I have practised for quite many years. In the beginning it was a bit hard, so I joined another weekend course. And then I joined many more. I have noticed how difficult it is to practise regularly. I never had any major health problems, but I have had different stress related problems such as high blood pressure. I still take medication, but I don't get as high peaks in my blood pressure as I did in the beginning and it doesn't matter too much if I forget my medication sometimes. Practising Qigong has helped me relax and I am more concentrated at work. I don't get as stressed out as I used to. I sleep better. I can notice when I need to calm down and sleep more."

Pargas LUQ 101003

The Movements Gives

"I'm a beginner and I wanted to try out Qigong because I have a lot of migraine. You calm down when you focus on the movements. I'll try to get time to practise at home and also join the practicing group in Åbo."

Better Resistance Towards Colds

"I've been practising regularly for a couple of years - the latest year together with my dog. It comes to me as soon as I put on the CD. It wants to lie by my feet every time I practise. I feel a lot better since I started practising Qqigong. I've gotten a better resistance towards colds and I haven't been away from work in two years. Now my mom also believes in Qigong, because when I got infected from my daughter who had the flu, my symptoms disappeared in a few days, while others were ill for weeks."

Feel Better Physically and Mentally

"I started practising five years ago because I was physically in bad shape. First I practiced a little, then more and more. At that time I hadn't been exercising since my school-days. This suits me well. The good thing about this method is that it's very effective even when you don't know the movements that well. What I've gained from Qigong is solely positive, both physically and mentally."

Regained Mobility in Shoulder

"I've been practising Qigong for four years, every morning together with my husband. Our daughter is always checking up on us to see that we're practising. I think we're doing well. What made me begin practising qigong was my problems in neck and shoulders. My latest weekend course was two years ago. It's always good to repeat. There's probably a lot to correct. Two years ago I broke my arm. We lived in Africa at that time. "What's going to happen with the Qigong now" I thought, "what can I do with my arm in a bandage?" But we kept on practicing and I did what I could. One year ago I had surgery on my shoulder. I think I've regained my mobility faster thanks to Qigong. I think it has helped. I'm grateful and I'm continuing to practise."

Help with Back Problems

"I started practising seven years ago. At that time I had severe back problems. Over the years my back has gotten better. If it gets worse I know I can make it better again by practising more. Now I've gotten my husband to come along with me to the course."

"I've had big problems with my back and it's gotten a lot better. I can't stop. It's worthwhile continuing."

"I went to this course because of pain in my back. I have difficulties lying down and sitting for longer times, and with every step I take something happens in my back that hurts. This is the eleventh hour for.me. The first injury, in the middle of the back is now calm. There's no pain there and in the rest of my body I can feel more clearly in which part it hurts. The signals are clearer. It's been a good course. I think I've learnt a lot since yesterday."

Better Balance, Softer Body and More Harmonious

"I've been practising for five and a half years and attended a dozen courses. Acquaintances sometimes wonder If I haven't already learned this. But with each course I learn something new. The courses are good for the motivation. I feel better than I did five years ago. My balance is better, I'm softer and more agile, and my mind is more harmonious. I don't get myself all worried about small stuff."

Effective Method for Athletes

"I'm interested in everything concerning physical exercise. I've been doing sports and gymnastics all my life and I'm used to physical exercise. I'm surprised this method is this effective and that it's not being used by athletes to a larger extent. I'm very tired. When I picked up my five year old yesterday, I was overwhelmingly lovably received, "Wow, I love you mom!" - so perhaps there was something special about me yesterday that she could sense."

Shoulders More Relaxed

"I came to this course because I wanted to try this method out. I've had migraine since I was six years old and my neck and shoulders are tense. Yesterday I thought the shoulders felt more relaxed. It's been a rewarding course."

Results in Shoulders and Knees

"My wife brought me here. Before I came here I've seen her practising and the music on the practising CD is familiar. I think it's a very effective method. I've always been jogging and running, I've always had a lot of energy. But now I see this method gives more results. Like yesterday, the way my shoulders and knees felt. I could hear it cracking. I sensed it was good. A very good process. There won't be any problems practising with all the support from my family, both my wife and my mother and father in law are practising Qigong. I'm going to continue."

Better Circulation in Feet

"My husband has also attended a course this autumn, I've been practising for five years and I never thought I'd get him along. But now we're both practising at home. They're very nice moments. To me it's given the training a new value. This autumn something new has happened to my feet. My feet are always cold, but now they've been hot since the course in Nagu. It must be that something positive has happened to the circulation."


Jeanette Heidenberg