Hold Qi up Stockholm [2010-11-06]

We are grateful for each opportunity we get to arrange a course in the beautiful auditorium of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities. Its harmony contributes to the calm ambiance of the course. That was also the case in this autumn's second basic course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm. Furthermore, the course was characterized by much joy and eagerness to practise. Some of the repeating participants had not joined a course for about 10 years. The beginners picked up the movements quickly and enjoyed our strong Qi-field.

From the participants comments:


"I've practiced since 2000. I had serious problems with stress and that influenced me physically and mentally. Qigong is what has helped me the most."


"A wonderful weekend. I practiced yesterday evening; I had a different softness. I feel softer both inside and outside. During the weekend I've purposely considered myself as a beginner. I've had a greater concentration on the movements, like when I was a beginner. The group and the locale have been wonderful."

"I think of how soft and flexible the body feels compared to before I started to practice."

"The circulation has improved. I feel miraculous much softer in my hips."

Depression, Stress

"Qigong has helped me a lot. I've had problems with anxiety, stress, depression, most mental problems. I've improved a lot. Some problems are completely gone. There's always hope, and you always get a second chance. With qigong you can reverse negativities on your own."


"A good course. I've had a stressful week. I've really managed to calm down at the course. Before I had a lot of problems with my neck but qigong has helped me a lot."

The Homepage

"It's nice to attend courses. I like the circle discussions very much. I get inspired and I'm touched when I read about others improvements on the home page. Slowly but surely I'm getting calmer. It's getting better and better after every course."

Foot Injury

"I've done meditation at home for many years. Now I wanted to try something else and I find this course on google. It feels completely right. Usually I can't stand up for more than five minutes due to an injury. But I've been standing up the whole weekend to practice."


"I attended my first basic course 2008 and since that I've repeated the basic course a couple of times. At the Summer Course I got a much better understanding of qigong. My back problems improved a lot. Also I can keep up with other physical activities."


"I came here this weekend because I was inspired by a good friend who has been practicing Qigong Zhineng for a long time. I tend to be rather warm, but I have been very calm and warm all weekend. A good kind for calm, it has been great."


"First course of twelve years. When I started training twelve years ago I where in very bad shape, I had anxiety and similar concerns. Zhineng Qigong has helped me a lot. I've been training ever since I started, but I have not gone on a course during the last twelve years. It is strange to be here now when I feel so much better. I have waited long to get here but now I'm here and I'm glad.


"There are a few years ago since I was on my last weekend course. I was in very bad shape when I started training. I was hypersensitive. I could not be in crowds. I had problems with noise and too many people. I also had pain in my joints. My joints are better, the problem is not gone, but I have no symptoms that bother me. My hypersensitivity is gone."

Catch a cold

"I was about to catch a cold before the course started, but I am not aware of it anymore. I have not regretted that I have attended a single weekend course. I'm always glad I joined. I do not know how my life would look like if it had not been for Zhineng Qigong."


"When I be down at the pier and ate my lunch today, I was surprised that I wasn´t bothered by the leaf blower, which where blowing around me there. Normally I become so angry by such noise."


"I have problems with my joints. Only after six weeks, I have better movement in the fingers and my joints."


Lars Hagner