Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pargas [2010-10-21]

Our four-day Autumn Course has become a dear and eagerly anticipated tradition in Finland. This year we were back in Pargas, in the wonderful premises of Axxell's school. During the four days we interleave practice with lectures. The atmosphere is nice and positive and between the lectures a smile or a hearty laugh is never far away. Our "evening of song" was appreciated and many students participated in different ways in order for us all to have a good time together.

The Autumn Course is intended to be a miniature version of the Summer Course, kind of an introduction to our nine-day Summer Courses. This means, for instance, that boarding is included in the Autumn Course and it is possible to practise on your own in the morning and in the evening. Especially during the evening hours, the practice hall was quite full. Many wanted to take the opportunity to practise more in the nice, strong Qi-field.

The course evaluation showed good results. Out of the participants with pain problems, 89% said their pain had reduced. 81% of the participants noticed improvements in their concentration. You can read more on how the participants viewed the course below.

Höstkurs 2010 statistik engelsk


"I made a new year's resolution to be happy. That is why I am here. I have always said that I have heavy cheeks, but when I practised qigong here, the exercises lifted my cheeks. I find the mixture between practising and lectures is good here."


"I have been going through a difficult time, it has been quite stressful. But Qigong has helped me handle it better. What I like with Qigong and what I find wonderful is that even though life is hard and tough sometimes, I have learned that I can take it easy because it will pass. It's hard now, but it will get better. Qigong has given me this philosophy and it enriches my life tremendously."

Fears, stress

"I have suffered from many types of fear: nervousness before a journey, performance anxiety and the likes. It has rendered me constantly worried in life. If one really tries, one can always find a good reason to worry. The fear and worries have receded and Qigong has helped me handle stress and fear better."

Summer Course, the Mind

"I attended the previous Summer Course and it was amazing. I have had help in overcoming old traumas in this course. The teachers have helped me put it behind me and relax. I can stay calm and let the feeling just be there without letting my mind enlarge it."

Body Control

"The connection between my body and my mind is returning. I am regaining my body control."

Höstkurs 2010 träning

Chronic Tennis Elbow, Asthma

"I have participated in three Summer Courses and three Autumn Courses. My chronic tennis elbow is almost completely cured. I rarely need pain medication any more. Last summer I helped in painting an entire house without any problems in my elbow. It felt great. The pain in my calves has also disappeared by my practising Qigong. I used to have problems with asthma, but it feels like my lungs have opened up in this course. Earlier, my bronchi have opened up, but now my lungs have also opened up. I am grateful for this good course."

Chronic Pain

"I have a neural injury in my back and along my hip. I suffer from chronic pain. At this moment the pain is insignificant. I will keep practising to keep it that way. This was a happy course!"


"When I was in my lower twenties, I thought it would be boring and hard to be middle-aged, but life just gets better and better. Qigong helps my life."

Life is Simple

"Life is simple. This thought struck me during this course. I have practised well all year, but I haven't practised finger training at all, but when I got here I noticed that finger training is easier. It goes to show that Hold Qi Up practises the whole body."

Lactose Intolerance

"This was a good course with good corrections, which have given me positive results. I have changed my attitude towards my past and I have been able to leave problems of varying kinds behind me. I thank Qigong for being able to handle my challenging job and for having gotten rid of my lactose intolerance. I keep working on mental issues in my life situation."

Mental Issues

"I was mentally torn before the course. Now I feel like things will work out."

About the Course

"I feel intense gratitude for this course, a big thank you to all the teachers."

"I have really liked it here. There are so many nice people and teachers who all take care of each other."

Höstkurs 2010 janna

"I think it's amazing to have a course between the Summer and Winter Courses. It is very nice to be here."

"I will return to the Autumn Course, 40 – 50 kind and benevolent people, who could ask for anything more."

"I will save the photograph I got of all of you here on the course and when I feel stressed or something I will stop and look at the picture and remember the calm and quiet here."

"I feel so calm here. We are like a calm, functional family. I so enjoy getting to help others. The opportunity to correct others and do my best gives me so much."

"This was a very happy course. I am beginning to understand some of the things taught here. I have worked a lot with myself during the last few years. I come here to "fill up", I suffer from burn-out and I need the extra energy. My stomach suffers from stress related problems, but at the moment I can't feel it at all."

"The lectures here have been really nice. A course like this in the autumn is very convenient, to get a boost in the autumn time. I notice that when I can control myself and my feelings, life is easier, but if I lose control I can get quite emotional. Qigong helps me gain control over myself and my feelings. I look forward to continue practising after the course, one small step at a time."

Höstkurs 2010 utsikt

"I am so happy that so many got themselves involved in organising this course."

"This was my first over-night course and it has been an amazing experience."

"I did not want to join the course, but I decided to come in the last minute. I am very happy that I did! I have not seen any physical improvements, but I feel happy in general. The Summer Course of 2009 was the turning point for my mental issues. I need the practice."

"This course was very convenient. I have had a stressful autumn. I practised well after the Summer Course this year and I have had more energy. Then I started studying a new subject, which has been kind of hard, so I have had to miss practice sometimes. This leads to a vicious circle with an unbalanced mind. I felt good already during the first day of the course. I have been able to relax and better handle old problems when they re-emerge. This has been a good course."


Lars Hagner