Hold Qi up Stockholm [2010-09-25]

In the Eriksdal school's bright gymnasium were both new and experienced Qigong participants for the autumn's first course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm. The weekend was marked by great willingness to learn and to help each other in order to achieve the best possible results.

Comments from the participants:

Happier, Nicer, Better Mother

"When I started practising Zhineng Qigong I had pain in my back and neck, I don't have pain any more. I am a lot happier and kinder when I practise Qigong and have a better relationship with my children. I am a better mother with Zhineng Qigong."


"I started practising Zhineng Qigong after a project with the breast cancer association seven years ago and after that I have practised every day. I experience that I get older and older, but at the same time softer and softer for every day that goes by. If I get hurt somehow I just practise more Qigong and after that it gets better."

Frozen Shoulders, Calmer

"I have my physical problems. Both my shoulders are so called "frozen shoulders" and I have problems with my hip. After I started practising Zhineng Qigong last year I have become much better. I joined the Summer Course this summer and there my problems became a lot better and I got motivation to continue in order to get even better. People around me say that I have become a lot calmer. I love having things to do and to have many projects. I still do, but not all at once."


"I have a stressful job and it's good to have Qigong to help me deal with stress better and recuperate faster."

"I am glad that I practice Zhineng Qigong. It has helped me handle stress better."

Positive Thinking

"I have been working a lot with my thinking way, to not criticize myself too much. I have chosen to instead focus on things in my life that make me happy. I have been working with my thinking even here and during the course it has been very easy to think positive and not to criticize myself."

"I have practiced for two and a half years and I feel like a more positive person now. I'm softer in the body and the mind is calmer."

Sprained Ankle

"I came to the course yesterday with a sprained ankle and hopped on crutches. I felt an enormous improvement after the course yesterday and today I could do all the exercises fully."

RSI, Neck Pain

"I started practising Qigong a year ago. Then I had a sore neck and had RSI, I work with computers 8 hours a day. During the year I have progressively gotten better. Today, I have almost no problems. Earlier I had neck pain when sitting in a car for an extended period of time, it feels much better now. I have also had a blood vessel inmy nose thatruptured easily before. During the last year, it has not happened. Also, my hands and feet are warmer."


Lars Hagner