Hold Qi up Borgå [2010-10-30]

The practising group in Borgå celebrated their five year anniversary with a quiet and pleasant weekend course in the hall of Folkakademien. After the course ended the beginners were anxious to continue practising. Those who repeated the course enjoyed practising together, and viewed it as important for increasing their motivation to practise during the winter. Below some comments from the participants.

Scoliosis Disappeared

"The most interesting qigong news for me right now, is that I a few weeks ago learnt that I've gotten rid of my scoliosis. I went to a physiotherapist and she couldn't find any trace of it at all. She searched for a long time with her finger along the spine but couldn't find any s-formation. A little earlier I visited a doctor who said that the scoliosis was small, hardly visible. I didn't expect it to disappear, it was a big surprise. This is a big thing for me."

Control of Thought

"Today I can note that the chattering of the left part of the brain is beginning to cease. It has gotten slower. Now I have time to react when a thought comes along, and I can choose for myself if I want to keep focusing on the movements or continue the thinking. It's a fun discovery."

Borgå 101031_350


"I've been practising qigong for two and a half years and I came to this course to get some inspiration to practise more at home."

Important to Forgive Yourself

"I was also in need of a push in the right direction, to practise. On the other hand I've come to the point where I can forgive myself when I lose track of it. It's good to practice regularly, but it's not good to feel guilty. It's a huge asset knowing you have this tool. I know what to do to make the brain silent. Qigong is a really good method for that. Today was very pleasant. It feels good. I'm especially grateful for the mental of part of qigong."

Very Interesting

"Everything is so new. Very interesting. I'm going to try to practise every morning. Hopefully I'll get my puppy along with me."

Calm Atmosphere

"I hope qigong will help me relax, and help me learn to take action. I've never done anything this slow before. Yesterday I was tired, but it was a good kind of tiredness. I was able to relax. The atmosphere here has been calm. Being corrected has been good. I was a bit afraid of that because I usually don't like being corrected. I think I'm going to attend another weekend course and practise as well as I can."

The Mental Aspect Important

"Qigong has helped me with physical problems in my neck and shoulders. But still, the most important part is the mental aspect. The way I relate to myself has changed in a liberating way."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm