Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2010-10-09]

Outside it was brilliantly colourful with all the beautiful trees in yellow, orange and red. Inside the atmosphere was warm and positive when we had our course at Björktjära School in Bollnäs. It was a mixture of ages and people who went to their first qigong course and "old" qigong people.

Comments from the participants:

Sleep well after practising

"I have noticed that when I sit the way we have learned in qigong I can manage to sit much longer and don't get tired. I have started to practise regularly everyday; I have decided to practise no matter how late it is. Then I easily fall asleep and sleep well. It has become like a habit to practise now and that feels very good."

"Qigong means so much to me. I sleep well after I have practised. My blood circulation gets better all the time. Practising has become as natural to me as to brush my teeth. It was when I went to my first summer course that I got the hung of what qigong really was about."

My feet has become warmer

"I have practised earlier, but now I have been careless. It is good to attend a basic course to get a kick, so now I have decided to get started again. It is also good to get the movements corrected. I am a person that often is chilly and have been so all my life and I have been freezing this weekend. But now during this afternoon there came heat under my feet."

Has become kinder

"I am sitting here so pleased. Qigong has given so much to my life, both physically and mentally. It came in to my life during a period when I was only working; sleeping and eating, and I got quick response. My husband says that I have become kinder since I started with qigong, so he is very keen on me to do the practise."

Back problem

"I have not thought about that earlier, but all in my family got problems with their back. When I started with qigong I also had some pain in my back. But now I don't have that anymore and I think that qigong has prevented that for me."

"I did a basic course some years ago and then I practised occasionally and felt good by that. But I was too stressed in my life and dropped the qigong. I started to practise again about a month ago. I play the harmonica and got pain in my back. I practised La Qi and during the training I felt some heat in my back. The next day I had a concert and worked for about 12-14 hours and I was vigorous and it went very well."

Keep calm

"Qigong is a good way to learn to keep calm. An inner calm to be able to accept what is happening to me."

"I want to say thanks for two nice days. I went to a course 10 years ago, but it was not my thing then, I was too stressed. One year ago a friend of mine thought that I should start again. I went to the weekly training group and that made me feel calmer. The shoulders have started to relax and I have become more happy and harmonious. It is useful to do a basic course. I had pain in the loin of the back yesterday but that is gone now. This morning I had pain in my neck and now that is also gone. I feel very grateful to qigong and I am going to continue to practise."

More kind

"My daughter says that I have become more kind from the qigong, and that is enough for me."

Help with flexibility

"It was my girlfriend that wanted me to start with qigong. I mostly thought it seemed strange. But when I tried to practise La Qi I started to sweat very much and felt that something happened. I looked on the internet and saw that there where a basic course in Bollnäs this weekend. I decided to take the fight and say no to other things to be able to go to the course. I feel that this can help me with my flexibility."

Softer in the body

"I have practised qigong for quite a long time. Every basic course I go to, my back gets better and better. When I have been on the sick list it is qigong that has helped me back again. My naprapath gave me credit that my body has become softer."

Feel good with qigong

"Qigong makes me feel good and I need it. I get more energy and more calm and happier."


Fatima Ringvall