Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2010-10-23]

With rain and bad weather outside the window it was time for the basic course in Kungsängen this semester. When it's getting towards the darker seasons it's good to practice some extra and fill up with more qi. A mix of beginners and more advanced students took the chance to practice and learn Hold Qi up together. Several of the participants had attended the Summer Course and the motivation to practice was high during the course and there was a lot of time to practice. There was also time for breaks with tea and homemade cookies.

Below follows some comments from the participants

Agile Body and Calmer Mind

"This is my first course. My body, especially my shoulders, are more agile. My mind is calmer and I can control my relaxation better now than the first time I tried. My eyes blinked a lot in the beginning but I managed to calm down and then it was easier. Usually I think it's very hard to stand up but it worked well when I learned a better standing position."

Less Nervous and Better Concentration

"I attended a course 15 years ago but I was too young to appreciate it. Now I'm here together with my cohabitation and then it's easier to be motivated, it's fun to do things together. I've also had a sense of calm. When I think about things at work next week, that I'm nervous about, I can calm down better than before. It was easier to concentrate on the training already today, compared to yesterday."

Not Angry Anymore

"My body is more agile now compared to when I started to practice qigong. I'm also calmer. I don't get annoyed or angry that easy. Sometimes I would like to get angry but I don't."

Forgiving and Tolerant

"My mind is calmer since I started to practice qigong. I'm more forgiving, more tolerant. Physically I basically feel that I've got a new body."

Friendly People at the Course

"This is my first course. I feel calmer, but I haven't managed to quiet my thoughts as much as I had hoped. My body feels a bit softer. Here at the course everybody is so soft and friendly. Probably it's because of qigong, but also maybe because a special kind of people is attracted to qigong courses."

Better Arm and Less Stressed

"I started to practice 1994 and I practiced for two years. At that time I was desperate. I had serious problems with my right arm. I had been to a physiotherapist as my arm went numb. I saw an ad on qigong and I thought that if nothing else helped me, qigong might help. Qigong did help. Since that, I haven't had any problems with my arm. I wouldn't have been able to work if I hadn't started to practice qigong. I know that. But after a while I stopped practicing. It's easy to do that when you feel good. You forget that you should continue to practice. The recent years my body has become stiffer. I'm fed up at being stiff and in pain as soon as I've been sitting on a chair. I want my body to be softer and I don't want pain in my back. A month ago I attended the course again and after that I've been to the group practice here in Kungsängen. Now I repeat the course. Qigong is good for me mentally. I'm always in a hurry, also when I don't have to hurry. I stress a lot. With qigong I can calm down inside."

Can Put Up With Darkness and Cold

"It's good to repeat basic courses. It's very good to be in the qi-field a couple of days. A couple of years ago a friend of mine said that it was so grey and cold outside. I look out and answered: "Yes it is". I hadn't even noticed the weather. Before I thought the autumn and winter, with cold and dark almost around the clock, was quite hard. But nowadays I don't even think about it."


"I think it's good to attend courses. You can spend two days focusing on yourself and just relax and practice."

Got Rid of Headache with just a little Training

"I had some problems with headache before, but not anymore. I got that result even though I don't practice that much. I attend courses and I like very much to be here but I don't practice between courses. Maybe the day soon will come when I jump out of bed in the morning to practice. But it hasn't happened yet."

Comfortable Back in spite of Slipped Disks

"I decided to attend the course for health reasons. Yesterday evening I could feel my slipped disks and I was in a very bad mood. But in the morning I was very surprised. When I woke up I felt almost nothing in my back. I'm very happy that I could keep up this well in consideration of my defects. I'm pleased."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen