Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2010-10-09]

Every semester we arrange a basic course in Shenxin Qigong in Stockholm. The course is very popular and we had about 40 participants at the course this autumn. Some of them had travelled far, from Norrland, Östergötland and Finland.

Shenxin Qigong is the favourite exercise of many people. It makes the Qi go deeper, makes us warmer and gives us more energy – which is good, especially in the winter.

Bellow follows some comments from the participants.

Scar From Operation Healed Neatly

"I've had problems with my back and my neck. I've also been burned out. This year I took away two skin lesions, one under the chest and the other at the ankle. But it didn't heal well and the surgical scar didn't look good at all. My circulation is still quite poor. But at the Summer Course they healed nicely. Now the scar or incision has almost completely disappeared."

Got Rid of Fur Allergy

"I've actually got rid of allergy by practising Shenxin Qigong. During a period of time I had a lot of problems with furs, especially cats'. I got a heavy cold and my eyes ran. Though I practised Hold Qi Up, I didn't feel better. Then I tried Shenxin instead. I practised one time and I felt a bit better. I continued to practise several times in a row and then the symptoms disappeared. This happened a couple of times. But after a while it was enough to practise Shenxin one time and then the allergy disappeared. Finally the allergy didn't come back at all."

Good Against Stress and Depression

"I've practiced Shenxin for a couple of years and I like the exercise very much. It's my favourite. I think the exercise is extra effective against mental problems. I've had problems with stress, anxiety and depression and the exercise works extra well. It's more powerful."

Cool to be Flexible

"This is my first course in Shenxin. I've been to at least five Summer Courses so it was time for me to attend the course. The reason I'm here is because I expect to get a little more from this exercise than I've got this far from the training. I've had problems with stress and I've been burned out. I've also had some problems with my body. Ten years ago I had difficulties putting on my socks but now it's so easy and simple. Sometimes I bend the body once more because it's so cool. It's really amazing to be this flexible again."

Back Problems Gone

"For about a week I've had problems with my back. Now it has disappeared completely. I like this training, it's more physical than Hold Qi up."

Eureka Moment

"I've been to quite many courses in Shenxin and I like the method very much. I think it's extra good for mental problems. I've suffered from depressions my whole life, but fingers crossed, it's gone now. I had a eureka moment today. When we bent the body towards one side I finally understood how to do it, yet I've practiced for such a long time."

Energy to Practice

"I also had a eureka moment today. When we swayed forward I understood how to do it, even though I've attended the course many times. After the summer I haven't practised that much but now I'll have the energy to practise well."

No Migraine Anymore

"I practise qigong daily as I've gotten rid of my migraine."

I'm Calmer

"I've noticed that I've had some mental results from practicing Qigong. I notice that people around me are disturbed by others' behaviour, while I wonder how they can care about that. I'm much calmer now."

Feels Good despite a Cold and Pain in a Rib

"I've had a cold and I've coughed quite much. A week ago I also got a lot of pain in a rib. I was wondering what to do with the course but it has worked very well. It feels really good."

Results From a Small Amount of Training

"I've had a great time here and I don't want to go home. I would rather stay here even though the course is over. I've practised qigong for a while and I like Shenxin. I practise periodically at home but I try not to be too severe with myself because of that. I try to think that we have a great method, which can give us good results even though we don't practise every day."

Flexible and Free from Pain

"Shenxin has helped me a lot lately. I started to practise when I was 19 and I remember that when I was 18 I had to do like my father: sit in bed to put on the socks. I couldn't bend forward to reach my feet and that is quite a disaster being that young. The first time I bent forward when we practised I could not reach far but I've improved a lot. Before I started to practise I had pain in my neck and back. The pain in my neck disappeared almost immediately but the back pain has been there. I've been stiff in the lower part of the back and I've had pain in my back in the morning. But the last months, since the Summer Course, I've practised Shenxin in the morning and my back has improved a lot. Before I could bend the body quite well when I practised at night but not in the morning. But it's getting better and now the mornings and evenings are more alike. That's very fun. It's great not being stiff and in back pain for an hour every morning."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen