Hold Qi up Kalmar [2010-10-09]

The weather was great during the Hold Qi Up-course in Kalmar. We could sit outside and enjoy the sun during the lunch break. The concentration level was high and the participants learned the movements quickly. The beginners felt inspired to continue to practise qigong after the course. They also got a lot of help from more experienced participants, who shared their knowledge and experience with the beginners.

Comments from the participants:


"I started to practise because I had severe migraine, 5-6 days per week. Last weekend I was also on a course, and then I could finally say that I don't have migraine anymore, maybe just once or twice."


"When I attended my first course, I suffered from burnout and was in very poor condition. Qigong has helped me a lot. I often practice in the training group. Now I am seldom on sick leave and feel much better."

"I was in bad shape when I started; I had a burnout and felt stressed. I quickly got much better and was soon back to work. Gradually I realized that lots of other problems also disappeared. Before, I could have migraine once in a while but I never have them now, and I'm happier."

"I was burned out when I started and I have fibromyalgia. Now I feel much better and every course I keep on improving my health status. I will attend the group training."

"I started in 2004 when I had a burnout, now I have lots of energy. The training helps me a lot."

Kalmar Oktober 2010

Continue to Practise

"I tried this qigong method at work, I am a teacher and want to help the children. I have noticed that I'm a bit stiff. I think this method is exciting and want to learn more. I would like to continue the course a few more days."

"This is my first course and I do not regret joining. I would like to continue with this and will attend the group training."

"I practise at home because I have little time to come to group training, then it's good to come to the course and get help to correct the movements. I have had good help."

"This is my first course, it has been good. I have back problems that I want to get rid of. I will continue."

Great Atmosphere

"I have trained for several years and I enjoy it so much. In the beginning it was a bit difficult to get into the routine, but now I'm training every morning and it works fine. It has been so much fun to help with corrections during the course. It's a great atmosphere here and so fun to meet new people. I like that!"


"I've been training for over a year. I have a disease called sarcoidosis, which means that I have a lot of inflammation in the body, aches and fatigue. After my first course the pain disappeared in one of my shoulders. I feel less stressed and have more endurance. I can take care of the kids and everyday life much better now. Qigong has made a big difference."


"My partner has inspired me to come to this course. I knew I was stiff, but now I really know how stiff I am. I have no other problems but I want to avoid getting them so it is nice to find a method to do that. It has been a very good course."


"I think it feels good and relaxing. I often go to group trainings."

Pain and Stress

"I have participated in many weekend courses, each time I pick up something new. It feels safe to have qigong as a tool to take care of myself if I get hurt or stressed. Thanks for a great course, it has been very educational.


Johannes Nordgaard