Hold Qi up Bodø [2010-09-25]

The land of the northern light was swept in bright softness this weekend in September. So was the mood of the participants. At night a full moon was appearing, revealing the harvest season. The participants enjoyed practising together and encourage each other. They especially liked the correction practice – learning to perfect oneself and one another's movements. They were also very eager to keep up the weekly group training after the course.

Course participants' comments:

Sleeping better

"Yesterday I was very tired and cold, however, now I feel warm and refreshed. Last night I slept very well. The sleeping quality has improved. Something suddenly happened to the pain in my hips. I do not know exactly what it was, but it was pleasant, exciting and a very positive experience."

Shoulders back in shape

"I was born with a curved spine. I also suffer from a shoulder injury. My shoulder is surprisingly much better today. It seems as if a cogwheel has slipped into place inside my shoulder."

Improved balance

"My back hurts if I stand still for some time. During this weekend course my balance has improved. I can now keep my legs together. I feel light and well. 'Heatwaves' (i.e. menopause troubles) have decreased today."

This works

"I am very satisfied to have my movements so thoroughly corrected. I have trouble with my balance, my back and my knees. Statical movements are very hard for me to cope with. However, my intuition tells me that this works. I will be fine. Last night I slept very comfortably."

Circulation in numb fingers

"An injury in my upper back has caused my hand/fingers to be very numb. Yesterday something happened at the injured place, and suddenly I had a strong needle-like feeling in my numb fingers. I will surely attend the weekly group training."

2010-09-25 Bodø HQU

Shoulder pain better

"I got very warm during the practice. My shoulder pains have decreased during this weekend course."

Hips recovered

"Attending this course in November -09 and the group training this year I think I am realizing what Zhineng Qigong is. My hip problems are now gone. My confidence in Zhineng Qigong is increasing."


"I feel refreshed. It is good repeating this weekend course. Lots of things are happening inside me. I enjoy the correction lessons very much."

Less pain than before

"Zhineng Qigong is very good practice. I think my body is more balanced now. My hips are better. I feel less pain than before. I surely will attend the group training after the course."

Easier to practise

"My practice has improved by the Qifield at this weekend course."


Ingrid Tidemann