Hold Qi up Cambridge [2010-09-25]

It was time for this autumn's first course in England and that took place in Cambridge. More and more people from England have now attended a summer course and they know that to go to a basic course gives them a lot of Qi, so many of the participants had done the summer course. They could be a good help to others that are beginners or have just begun with Qigong.

Comments from some participants:

Helped me to stay calm

"Qigong have helped me so much. I been having a tuff year, and Qigong helped me to stay calm dealing with my mother and her illness. It helped me hugely. I was tired when I came here this weekend and know I feel completely different, I really feel well again. This weekend has been great. I learned so much and refined my movements."

Infection in chest cleaned out

"Qigong has turned my life around. Before I went to the summer course I had an x-ray of my lounges and that did not look so good. After the course I did an x-ray again and the infection had cleaned out. I notice that I could control things now that I had no control of earlier. I want more people to benefit from Qigong what I have been getting. One funny thing is that hair has started to grow on my head where I earlier had lost hair."

Get started

"This last weeks my practice have got irregular, but I think that this weekend will benefit me to get more regular again."

Got a lot of energy and see life in a positive way

"On the summer course I met so many lovely people and I got a lot of energy. I practice regularly every day and Qigong works on my mind so well and I am grateful for that. It has changed my mind so that I can see life in a positive way, it makes me happier. I really recommend everybody to do summer course, sometimes it is hard work but always benefits afterwards."

Shoulder loose up

"After the summer course my shoulder loose up and it made the movements easier to do. This course I learned to relax my hands more and it makes a big difference."

Help to focus my mind

"I heard from friends how good it is with Qigong. It feels good to work with the body and at the same time work with the mind. I wish all young people would do this; it would help them with the stress. It helps me to focus my mind and concentrate better."

Good corrections

"So much is going on in the body, it is amazing. I got a lot of good corrections during the course. After the last course I noticed that I could remember all my dreams, that I earlier never remember. Something is happening inside of me. I do a lot of driving in my work and Qigong is a helpful addition in my lifestyle on the road."


Fatima Ringvall