Hold Qi up Nagu [2010-09-04]

In the first weekend of September, a group of interested beginners and determined repeating students gathered in the village of Nagu in the beautiful archipelago of Väståboland to participate in a basic course in Hold Qi Up. The atmosphere was calm, relaxing and focused and the students were very pleased with the course. The autumn sun showed itself between the clouds, so we took the opportunity to get together some of the participants for a group photo outside in front of the church just outside the course venue.

Below follow some of the participants' own comments.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Disappeared

"I have practised for five years. I feel like I'm a different person now. I used to have problems sleeping, I was physically weak, suffered from a chronic infection in the urinary tract, had problems sitting and was troubled by electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Nowadays, I don't even think of any of these things and I don't need as much sleep, which is a boon when you have little children. This course has been really nice. I felt very good yesterday evening. One piece of advice for those of you who think you don't have time to practise: Stop watching TV!"

More Relaxed

"I need some form of physical exercise and I heard about Zhineng Qigong from a colleague. I sometimes have problems with my back, and I don't want them to get worse. I also want to improve my concentration. I like this experience. It feels good. I feel more relaxed. I am happy I joined this course and I will continue practising."

Nagu 100905

Knee Improved

"I joined my first basic course here in Nagu two years ago and then the Autumn Course in Pargas. I am happy that there is a group here that can help me remember the movements. I live abroad for several months a year and life there is so different that it is easy to lose the habit of practising. Through this course I wanted to get started again. A few weeks ago a problem in my knee started bothering me and I could hardly move. The knee already feels better. I think Qigong is good and I'm grateful there's a group to practise with."

Back Improved

"I joined this course because of back problems five years ago based on a story in a news paper. I had tried many different things that had not helped and I wanted to give Qigong a chance. I didn't really believe that it would help either, but I thought it at least can't hurt. But it felt different from anything I had tried. Slowly my back improved. I am not completely rid of my problems yet, and sometimes there are backlashes, but in between my back is much better and little things like colds will pass more quickly. You don't have to believe in Qigong – it works anyway."

Improved Posture

"I think this is my third weekend course. Yesterday I had some kind of a cold. I blew my nose continuously and my head felt swollen. I don't know what it was, but now I feel better. My posture has improved since I joined my first course. As well as my well-being in general. The group in Nagu is important, and so is Anso who arranges it and is there for us."

Good for Concentration

"My wife has practised Qigong for some time and has tried to convince me to take it up. I have been sceptical but still ready to try. The reason why I'm finally here is that my elbow started acting up and during the early summer I strained my achilles tendon. I was afraid that recurring inflammations and/or bad healing would limit my life and I thought Qigong can't hurt. During the course I was surprised that this method is a good way to calm down, it improves concentration and is a good way to stay flexible. It will be interesting to see how it affects my problems. And I will enjoy practising together at home."

Neck Problem Gone and the Brain Can Handle More

"I joined my first course eleven years ago due to problems with my shoulders and back. The first weekend course was hard. But I soon recovered. I was very motivated. When I started I had not slept a single night through for eight years, but immediately after the first course I could sleep. Now I don't have any neck problems. I have also noticed how good Qigong is for the psyche. My brain can handle more. I can concentrate on many things simultaneously and I am better at dealing with difficulties. This has been a great course!"


Jeanette Heidenberg