Hold Qi up Hangö [2010-08-28]

This autumn's course in Hangö was held in historical settings in Smörmagasinet in Hangö harbour. What served as the birth place of the Valio corporation over a hundred years ago, today functions as harbour office and the place where the local Zhineng Qigong group meets to practise every week.

The course was a calm and joyful start of the new semester for both new and repeating participants. Many of the new participants immediately felt that the method was beneficial for them. Many gave us good feedback on the way we hold our basic courses, which they perceived as helpful and adapted to the needs of the individual.

Below follow some of the comments the participants had on the course:

Feel Better Both Physically and Mentally

"I used to suffer from back pain, scoliosis, and one leg is shorter than the other. I also have osteoarthritis in my joints. During this course I feel I have seen mental improvements. I feel calmer, happier and more harmonious now. In general I feel better today than when I stopped working. This course has been really pleasant."

Helps Against the Flu

"My main problem has been the flu, I've had problems with my eyes, nose and tonsils many times each year. I was very ill last autumn, but after I attended my first course in Hold Qi Up i January, I haven't been ill until this week. When I attended my first course I had the flue and I almost didn't go. But I could do everything in the course. Now I feel this case of the flu receding too."

Hangö LUQ 100829

Back Problems and Pollen Allergy Gone

"I started practising Qigong due to my back problems and I have had a lot of help by participating in courses and practising. My back problems are no longer of the same caliber as before. I also don't have pollen allergy any more. I feel better, I'm calmer and I take things easier."

Stronger and More Energy

"I suffer from a muscular disease and I also suffered a major accident. I started practising last autumn and I have attended both the Autumn Course and this year's Summer Courses. I had really good results after the Summer Course. Now I can bend my legs a little and I have better control over them. Earlier I used to have muscle cramps and headaches, but after the Summer Course I haven't had any such problems until this past week. By practising Qigong I find it easier to get out of bed in the morning. I have the habit of practising La Qi in bed for five to twenty minutes, depending on how much time I have. I also practise Hold Qi Up twice a day. It has helped me tremendously. I also practise La Qi when I sit in my car and, e.g., wait for someone who is shopping. The pain I often have had in my lower back is now almost completely gone. Now I have been able to stand up for two hours without pain. Prior to my illness and accident, I used to be the one with the most energy and stamina. Now I feel I'm getting much of that back. My writing has become easier. I don't have to do a lot of preparations before I start writing any more. I get good results even though I can't do the movements very well. Some movements I only do mentally, I visualise."

Can Breathe Easier

"I have problems breathing, and I also have medication for these problems. This morning I clearly felt that I can breathe more easily."

About the Course

"This was something completely new for me. I am positively surprised."

"What has been good about this course is that one doesn't have to feel a pressure to perform. It is enough to do one's best."

"It has been good to get individual help with the movements."

"I will recommend this course to everyone I know. Joining this course was the best thing I have done all autumn."

"By practising Qigong I am a bit kinder, I'm not so angry any more. This is my third course. This has been heck of a good course. If there is such a thing as a Qi-field, it has surely been intense here."


Jeanette Heidenberg