Hold Qi up Karis [2010-09-11]

The rain thundered against the windows of Borgkila youth center in Karis where a calm and happy group had gathered for a beginner's course in Hold qi up, where the youngest participant was inside of his or her mother's belly, waiting to be born in a month. Beginners and repeaters alike expressed that they experienced improvement in a mere two days. The atmosphere was friendly and good-humored and quite a few commented on how they felt that the Qi-field was very strong, they found a different depth.

Comments from the participants:

Numbness in legs better

"This is my first course, it has been a wonderful weekend. I have a lot of wear and tear in my body, I had problems with my left leg yesterday, it went numb, but today I haven't felt any numbness at all."

Hips and back improved, warmer feet

"This is my second course, after my first I noticed that I didn't have cold feet any more, and my shoulders were softer. I have a hard tome to relax and was a bit worried yesterday with my bad back. But this morning it was much easier to get out of bed, much easier with my back."

"I have problems with my hip and I notice that it goes stiff if I don't practice Qigong. Qigong is such a good instrument to use, I keep myself above the surface with it, if I, for instance have pain in my hip it goes away after a couple of Hold qi up's."

"I'm so glad that these weekend courses exists. Qigong is such a great tool. When I have my ordinary troubles in my legs and hips, one Hold qi up is enough to make them better, sometimes it helps just to stand with my body regulated."

Tinnitus gone, regained sensation between the shoulder blades, wrist pain gone, back, headaches and

"I have a lot of problems, I am one of whose who likes to sleep for 10-12 hours and I'm a real rag doll in the mornings, my body just doesn't work. But I notice that if I do La qi in the morning I center myself in my own body and I get a lot of energy to handle the day. My tinnitus is gone, the noise in my ears has disappeared. It has happened a lot this weekend, in my back and legs and feet. I haven't had much sensation between the shoulder blades and something happened there today, it opened up so I have a totally different feeling there now. My aching wrists don't ache right now. My back was completely locked last week and I had a long day ahead of me. I thought I had to cancel everything, but I practiced La qi for a long time and was able to be on the move the whole day. It was impossible for me just a year ago. My constant headache and muscle cramps are almost gone. Mentally I nowadays happier are more grateful for everything I am able to do."

Calm, soft and relaxed

"I had a hard time to do the bending of the legs this morning, I felt faint and had a hard time, but I could do it with ease this afternoon. That was really something special for me so thank you!"

"I concentrated a lot just on how to do the movements earlier, but every course gives me a deeper meaning of the importance of relaxation."

"This has been a great weekend. Every course I join I get more hints about relaxation."

"This has been really lovely! This is my second course and this time I experienced a totally different kind of relaxation."

"I will continue doing this, absolutely, this has been a really calming weekend."


Camilla Heidenberg