Summer Course 2 HQU Nossebro [2010-07-07]

For the second consecutive year the summer courses took place in Nossebro, a peaceful village in the western part of Sweden. The picture below shows the river Nossan that crosses the village and the main bridge. It suits our longer courses very well to have the possibility to practice qigong at such a beautiful place.

The river Nossan in the village Nossebro

This year, participants from Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Scotland, and Sweden joined the course. Moreover we were visited by a newspaper called Nya Lidköpings-Tidningen that published a nice story about our course (translated into English) on the 12th of July.

The survey that we conduct every summer course showed, just like previous years, good results. The best results were obtained within the following areas: energy level (improvements for 68 % of the participants), stress (improvements for 67 % of the participants) and concentration (improvements for 64 % of the participants).

68 % improved energy level, 67 % reduced stress levels and 64 % improved concentration

In addition to these results, many persons talked about a feeling of community, belonging, confidence and helpfulness. The participants had numerous lively chats during the breaks and felt delighted after our refreshing cabaret.

Below some of the participant's comments can be found.

Inspired by others

It is wonderful to be part of this fellowship. I have also been inspired by those who have more to work with than I have. When I see how they fight it also gives me energy. It spreads enormous power to other participants as well. As usual it has been a wonderful course and it will be nice to come home in order to keep on practicing.

Outdoor training in Nossebro

Warmth and feeling returned to the legs

I have a muscular disease that was diagnosed when I was 18 years old. When I was 25, a serious accident happened. I was to enter a tram when my foot got stuck in between the doors. The driver did not see me and I was drawn behind the tram for about 100 meters with my head on the cobblestones. After that I barely could stand on my legs for almost three years. I fell all the time. I have put a lot of time and effort in meditation, yoga and ayurvedic treatment. It has helped me a lot but I have never come to the root of the problem. For a long time, I have had the feeling that I could be healthy again, but I did not know how. It has felt as if I am competing with my own body. During the course I have really felt that I could relax completely and that it is OK to do so. A lot of changes have taken place in my body. The warmth has come back to my body, especially my hands, arms and legs. Usually the temperature in my body varies a lot between the different parts. The last couple of days the warmth in my legs have come back completely. When it comes to my hands I have gained strength so that they are almost normal, but I am still a bit weak in my upper arms. After the cabaret I was able to play the piano for about an hour. Previously, I have not been able to do that because of inflammation in my joints. This time I felt pulses go through my hands and they were all warm. It was wonderful. It also felt as if a lot of music was on its way. I have felt deep sorrow for not being able to play. I have found new milestones all the time during these three weeks. Usually I sleep for nine hours and feel rather tired if I sleep less. The last couple of days it has been easy to get up early and also to do many physical activities. So many things have happened within such a short amount of time that I barely remember how it felt like when I came here. During the last La Qi and Hold Qi Up I did not feel pain in my lower back region, despite the fact that the pain has been there all the time for many years. Nothing hurts when I am not standing, but if I stand it comes back after a little while. Dunqiang is an incredible exercise. I am very grateful to my Dunqiang group that has been fantastic. When we started with the exercise I could not control my legs. I just bend my legs and went down the whole way. Yesterday I was able to control my left foot. Now I can almost push myself up with my legs and the muscles in the legs. Big changes have occurred. My feet are in much better shape now. Now I can bend my knees when I'm walking. Previously I could just move them to the sides. I walk more upright now. The muscles in my arms and legs are starting to activate. Even the lumbar region is waking up; it has previously been completely numb. Now I have so much sense of feeling there that I can feel how things change as deep as in the skeletal structure. I feel very satisfied about my stay here. In the beginning of the course I was very dizzy, but now I am much less dizzy and my balance is better. It is incredible that I have so much more feeling in my legs. I have been sitting here in the evenings in order to practice La Qi. It is a wonderful feeling to do that together with all others. Like a soft darkness within my body. It has been nice to live in my body, and this has been a great comfort to me.


The course was very nice and this was the first time I bought a group picture. Previously I did not understand why I should have a picture of people I do not really know. It was my opinion that if I was to have a picture, it should be one with my best friends on it. I am not so interested in taking pictures myself either. But this year I got the feeling that I wanted to take with me the whole group. I have not even said hello to everybody but still I want to take with me the whole group and the feeling of fellowship. It feels great.

Strong qi and a lovely course

During this course I have had a very, very strong qi-feeling both within and outside my body. It has affected every part of it. It has been good fun and very pleasant to be with all the others. It has felt like home; I have been more open and talkative.

Much stronger

In the beginning it was tough to be here because I arrived with pains in my foot. I also had some side effects of the medication I use to regulate my blood pressure. I started forgetting things, got nervous and sweaty. Sometimes I did not know where to go, but there are so many helpful persons here who led me in the right direction. I did not sleep well during in the nights; I coughed or woke up in another way. But this morning everything was completely different. I slept seven hours in a row and was strong enough to pack my suitcase by myself. Before we came here I needed help with packing, but now I could do it myself and also clean my part of the room. After that I could roll the suitcase over the floor by myself. I feel much stronger now. I think several physical problems have disappeared, but I will know for sure when I come home. It has been a very pleasant experience. All have been very helpful and talkative. I have not felt alone here. Thanks everybody.

Better back and reduced weight

My back feels great. My shoulders have become supple and nice. I think I have lost weight during this course, it feels like that when I put on my clothes. I do not whether this is something I just imagine, but my eyelashes seem to be longer!

Complications after surgery and depression

Two and a half weeks ago I had surgery and got a pacemaker. In order to prevent that the wound would start hurting I have tensed up and avoided certain movements; it has given me some neck pains. Just a few moments ago I did not even remember that I they did surgery on me! Now it is much better than before and the wound has healed very quickly. You could see that already after a couple of days. When I came I was not able to carry my own madras or hug people, but now all that goes well. Now I do not need to be depressed anymore. If one has been depressed for such a long time it is almost as if one gets stuck in it. I have been afraid that I would never be able to cope without my antidepressants, but now I start to feel that I do not have to be depressed any longer. I feel that Dunqiang is especially good for me and I am very motivated to practice regularly. I have decided to practice every day. Then I do not have to think so much but just do it. I also like the love that you can find here at the summer courses. I feel very grateful for qigong. It is great to have this tool and I would like to share it with all people in the world.

Physical and emotional journey

I'm new to Qigong, only did my first course in February. To me it has been a journey. I have been dealing with an old relationship, a lot of memories. Then I have started to think about a new relationship. This was divided between course 1 and course 2. Physically, I have had for years a head cold but now it has cleared up. Something is unblocked in my head. My hearing has improved a bit, not as well as I would like it though. I have hardly used my asthma spray during these 18 days which is amazing. What I have gained is a lot of knowledge about what I need to do and what can be done. I now have a waistline that I had last 33 years ago. It is 33 inches.

Favourite place

This is the best place where you can spend your time. I have participated in the summer courses for quite some years now. I feel I have matured and it feels as if we mature together. It feels hopeful and interesting. This is my favourite place.

Mental strength

My years with qigong have helped me to deal with things that have happened in my life in a better way. In my private life there are several things I cannot get rid of and that is mentally very demanding. I have learned to deal with this in a better way because of qigong. I have also discovered that I can say no to other things, even though it feels like a huge step. But now I feel I am ready to take this step if it would be needed. I do not know how my life will look like next year when I come back but that does not matter. I would not have been able to think like this without qigong. As many have said, it feels great to be here. Especially the confidence and the security feel great. Here you can be the person you want to be.

The whole group from the summercourse level 2 2010

The qifield

When you sit and relax in this environment you can sense the qifield. I can feel that practicing in a group makes one stronger than practicing at home.

Alert and content with less food

I have been eating small amounts of food compared to when I am at home, where I eat bigger amounts and more often. That is not so good. Here I have been alert and content with relatively small amounts of food.

Ready for life again

I was really worn out this year when I got here, a bit tired of life. I've been totally knocked here. I've been sleeping when I should and shouldn't have, but during a qi regulation in the middle of level 2, I noticed I could stay awake during the whole regulation and that was a turning point for me. I feel reasonably alert and ready to throw myself in the game of life again.

Less headache and better sleep

I'm overjoyed that I finished the course. I usually never complete many things. I feel calm and clear right now, I hope I can maintain that feeling. Dunqiang has had a great effect on my head that has ached for ten years. I don't have many headaches here! And that I was able to sleep here was not short of a miracle. I couldn't even imagine that I would be sleep in the same room as ten other people, I can't even sleep properly on my own. But it's been no problem what so ever. Just one night of being awake.

Calm and full of energy

When I get out of the training hall the colors are brighter, and the smells stronger. And I have this incredible combination of feeling calm as a cow and my body is alive and giddy with energy... at the same time! One thing that moves me when I think about it, it says a lot about the atmosphere here. One night when I went across the training hall to get some water, I haven't been much on that side, I saw the Finnish woman, who stood and did the squats with four people helping her, I thought: "this is unbelievable, where else would you find people caring for someone else in that way". I get tears in my eyes when I think about it.

Better balance

My balance has improved; I can walk with a bowl of porridge and milk or a cup of coffee without spilling. I'm satisfied with the course.

Less emotional and better sleep

I've had big emotional and mental problems ever since my childhood. During the course I stopped taking my anti-depressive and stabilizing medicine. I've used them for eighteen years and never dared to stop taking them. They have been a big part of my life. I also stopped taking my sleeping pills after two nights on the course. I've been addicted to them for seven years.


Dunqiang has been a bridge to the exercises that I find hard to do, for example La Qi. I usually do Dunqiang until my head is blank and my body is very relaxed. La Qi has been really wonderful during the course. I feel happier now than I have felt for a long time.


Su Dongyue