Summer Course 1 HQU Nossebro [2010-06-28]

The Monday after Midsummer is a day many people look forward to. This is the day when the Summer Course – European Zhineng Qigong Center's most popular course – starts. Many participants repeat the course year after year. The course provides a good opportunity to get rid of health problems and the warm and friendly atmosphere is also a reason that many choose to spend their summer holidays here.

The town of Nossebro was our host again. The municipality welcomed us warmly and the school's facilities suited our purposes in an excellent way. The fact that the school is just at a stone's throw from the river Nossan is also another plus.

Madde med familj Zhineng Qigong is a training method that suites all, young as well as old. Nora, eight years old, was the youngest participant in the training hall. She practised in front of her mother and next to her grandmother. She had a lot of other children to play with during the breaks because the course attracts many families with children. Our main teacher, Su Dongyue, is the leader of the Summer Course. The course also suits non-Swedish speaking participants since he speaks English, which is translated into Swedish. This year we had participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Germany and Scotland.

There's a lot of work behind the scenes on a Summer Course. The course wouldn't be the same without all the voluntary work. More and more volunteer their help. To help others is an important part of the Qigong training and a good way to handle depression.

There are many nice places for excursions around the area of Nossebro. This summer's excursion went to Åsle Tå, a favourite from last year. The cabaret in the evening was a success as usual. Everyone is welcome to perform, professional artists perform alongside happy amateurs. The children's performances were somewhat of a highlight. One participant in the audience said afterwards that the cabaret and the wonderful food alone are worth the price of the course.

We have the time to practise much during nine days, but we can also benefit from Dungyue Su's wisdom through lectures. This year many of them were about the importance of trusting Zhineng Qigong to get quicker results. If we have confidence in that the method can help us then it's easier to relax and benefit more from the Qi-field.

Many participants improved their state of health and many personal stories will be published on our homepage during the autumn. Below are some comments from the participants:

About the Course

"Thank you everyone for your love, care and understanding."

"It's so wonderful with so much warmth, caring and sincerity in one place. 180 persons, 9 days without any evil. Fantastic."

"A wonderful and developing course as usual."

"A fantastic course, fantastic teachers, love and trust. Tell the kitchen: fantastic food! I have a big smile in my heart!"

"I feel so much more alert and vigorous than I have in a long time. I am very satisfied with the course. It's so much more than I expected"

"Thank you for a terrific course!"

"It has been a really great course, thank you so much!"

"I'm very satisfied with the course. To meet so many loving people. It's worth a lot!"


"I have MS. So much has happened compared to the last Summer Course. My guiding star this year has been "possible". I've never though that way. My goal is to be straight and feel my body. Now I have some sensations on my skin and I feel that I can stand on both feet. I haven't felt that in six years."


"A lot has happened with my asthma during this course. Now I can walk faster without being out of breath and I dance for half an hour without getting palpitations or get our of breath."


"I felt happy again for the first time in ten years during the last Summer Course. This year it has gone to a deeper level. I have a sense of fondness that I had forgotten."

2010 Sommarkurs liten grupp

More Flexible Despite Muscular Disease

"I have a muscular disease and also had a bad accident. So much is going on right now in my body. My hips are correcting themselves, so I start to feel what the body feels like when it is straight. Today I noticed when I walked to the bathroom, that I actually lift my legs when I walk. Until now I have walked with my legs straight just turning them. Now during the last Hold Qi Up, I can bend my legs a bit during that movement. I am very happy and I am also very stubborn. I would gladly stay here for 50 days if it were only possible. But I'm sure lots is happening already. I also feel moments like waves when the pain is completely gone."

Pain in Shoulders, Back and Neck Disappeared

"I had been sick when I got here this year and I had a few tough days at first. But now it's the third day and I don't have any pain at all and I feel so much stronger and so much better. I also have pain in my back and shoulders, one day I even had big muscle knots in my back. I felt that things started to happen one evening when we did the last arm training, and I continued to practise by myself after and I felt that it loosened up so I didn't have any back pain and the knots were gone the morning after. I'm looking forward to the next level."

"When I came here I had pain in my hips, shoulder, back, everywhere. Now I do not feel the pain anymore."

Pain in Knees Disappeared

"I hurt my knee before. They wanted to do surgery on my knee. My doctor just tried to call me about but I have not called back as I have not had pain in my knee since I came here. It feels great. It really does not hurt."

"When I came here I had decided that my legs would get well during the first day. My legs were swollen and really painful. When I tried to squat down, there were like knives in my knees, so I could not sit on the floor. After the first Qi regulation, the pain in my knees disappeared. So I could squat down. Now I can sit on the floor. I can also sit with my legs folded, which I could not really manage well before."

Painful Injury in Foot Disappeared

"I had an injury in my foot when I came here and it is painful when I walk. It limits me so that I can't keep my feet parallel; there's an angle to my left foot. Suddenly in the shower one day, I noticed that it had straightened. Now I can stand with my feet parallel. It is very important to me. Now I'm going trekking in the mountains for 14 days. There I will check if the pain is gone also when I walk in the wild. I am very grateful."

Injured Shoulder Healed

"I really haven't had any physical problems before, but last March I hurt my shoulder quite seriously. Then I looked forward to this course, because I knew it would get solved. It would heal. And it has healed. But I feel like, so what, because I knew it would happen, so it doesn't feel like a big deal. I am very happy for having found qigong and I will be back next year."

Improved Eye-sight

"The pain in my shoulders is gone! It was so painful in the beginning. I can sit on the floor with my legs folded. I feel really happy and content! My eyes have become better. My glasses are too strong now, I have to change them when I get home."

"My eye-sight is better. It used to be very bad. I could not see things even if they were really close to me. But now I can recognise people from a distance, even if I can't see their face."

Don't Need Asthma Medication

"I practise because I have a lot of migraines, asthma and allergies. It's getting better and better I think and it gives me motivation to continue practising. Here I haven't had to take any asthma medicines even once. I do it almost every day at home. It just works here. It's so nice, I feel so good here."

Better Lungs Despite COPD

"Last spring I got pneumonia. I got very ill and later on I was also diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. I have smoked for 40 years. I have been ill the whole spring but did not have the power to quit smoking as I used cigarettes as a way to comfort myself. So I decided that the summer course will help me. The other day when we had Qi regulation Su Dongyue said we should think of the disease we had. I focused on my lungs, I had forgotten about them. They feel so big and I have only coughed very little. And I do not sound like a hissing bird when I sleep. I have not for the whole week."

Qigong as a Rehabilitation Method

"The reason that I practise is the problems I have with my joints. This is my rehabilitation. I have stopped going to the regular rehabilitation in the hospital and now I only use qigong, because it makes me more flexible and reduces my pain. It gives me very much."

Gruppbild 2010

Scar Tissue Healing

"The biggest improvement for me, which I hadn't expected is related to the surgery I had about six months ago. I have a long scar across my abdomen. I have felt tense in my abdomen and I have not felt that I have been able to breathe deeply at all. Suddenly a few days ago I could breathe deeply again and it felt very relieving and good."

Getting Younger

"I feel I'm getting a lot younger, which is a good thing. I think by the end of the next course, I'll go home as a teenager."

Circulation in Feet Restored

"The reason why I started was that I have MS. My main problem is in my balance and feet, legs and hands. Two and a half years ago I had another bad period which was very stubborn and stayed in my feet. So for two and a half years I have dragged two pieces of ice around instead of my feet. My circulation has been zero. It has been very difficult to not be able to walk on a floor without wearing socks and slippers. I just can't do it. My goal in coming hear was that this would get better. The bad period has ended, but the blood circulation is still bad and this is why my feet have been so cold. My ambition is to solve this, because I can't handle it. Last night I didn't sleep at all, for various reasons. One of the reasons was that my foot has been pounding, pulsing and spasming. But now my feet are warm. Now during the last break, I walked outside, took my shoes off and walked bare-footed on the ground. I could feel my feet against the ground. It was very, very nice."

Sommarkurs 2010 graf eng.

Psoriasis Disappeared

"I have psoriasis. I used to have really big cracks in my hands and under my feet. They don't exist any more. I spent a whole day doing dishes this week and I would never have managed to do that before. I couldn't wash the dishes because I had to wear gloves or it would be completely horrible."

Rheumatic Wounds Healing

"Last autumn I had difficult rheumatic wounds on my leg. They are very painful. I have to redress the wound every day. Before this summer course I was very worried about how to manage this. I can't even lie in a bed, so I brought an armchair to sleep in. It is less painful if my legs are hanging down, than if I lie horizontally. So I haven't rested in a bed for ages. Already when I get here the first or second day I can lie down without pain. It was amazing! When I'm here I notice that I can get up and down from a single low mattress without help. So there must have been a significant healing in my body, my back and legs. I also want to tell you that these wounds, that should be really difficult to heal, have started to heal and the swelling of the leg has diminished. It is still painful, but I find joy in seeing that it has started."

Leg Sores Healing

"My other problem is that I have leg sores, which are very painful. But yesterday when we changed dressings, it looked better. It was clean and looks new skin is forming. This makes me very happy."

Overstrained Hand Gets Stronger

"In my profession as a librarian I use the thumb and index finger a lot when I move books. My hand has felt very strained and powerless. In the middle of the week during qi regulation I suddenly felt a warm, burning feeling in my hand. It continued for several minutes. I thought I would just sit there and see what happens. At the same time I felt the same feeling in my right knee, which is also a weak spot. It was a good and surprising feeling. Especially my hand feels stronger and more energetic now."

Feel the Qifield

"I attended my first course in January and had surprising feelings already then. It sparked my curiosity so I just wanted to continue. I decided quite quickly that I wanted to attend the Summer Course. Here I have felt how great the Qifield is. Feeling Qi was a surprise to me."

Straighter Pelvis

"I have also had a lot of help with my back, hips and pelvis. My pelvis is not straight so my right leg is 5 cm shorter. This gives me pain in my back, hip and all the way down my leg. Suddenly, yesterday during arm training, I realised that I was standing straight. It felt amazing. Wonderful. I want to thank you all for this wonderful atmosphere. You are such wonderful people. Thank you for existing."

Mental Improvements

"So many things have happened during these nine days. Mainly on the mental level. I have realised that I have not so good ways of thinking. I have been able to observe it and I have had the courage to try to change it. A lot has happened on the mental level. I feel happier, more creative and not locked and bottled up."

The Entire Family Practising

"I feel privileged to be here with my mother and daughter. It is special. It's great to be in a forum like this with my family, but also with so many others. I also feel grateful that so many of you care about and take care of my daughter. I can see how she enjoys it and can express herself when she is here. It feels good."

Inspired by Other People's Improvements

"But the greatest thing I bring back home is the wonderful inspiration each of you have been. I only had a little pain in my shoulders. There are those who are in much worse shape. Every day I have seen you improving. It makes me so happy to see, and has brought me much joy."


Su Dongyue