Hold Qi up Trondheim [2010-05-29]

Spring had hardly come to Trondheim. Pale yellow sunrays tried to penetrate rain showers – and the glass roof of the atrium where we practised. Good to be indoors! The course participants were eager to practise in the Qi-field. The beginners, who had been recommended to attend the course, were anxious for the effects. Several of them had already tried "everything", - with no effects. The results were encouraging.

Course participants' comments:

Anxious to see the effects

I suffer from strong tensions in my body and I have less than 30 % lung capacity. Last night, however, I slept well. I am anxious to see what happens now – after this course.

Zhineng Qigong works

A pleasant course. I have suffered from strong back pain for more than 10 years. Daily, I swim and have various kinds of treatment. I was sceptical to this course, as I have tried everything. However: Today I am no longer tired. I really want to give Zhineng Qigong a chance.


I got very good corrections and I am inspired.


All my hopes for good results this weekend came true. I have suffered from severe shoulder pain. I could not lift my arms up – over my head. Now I can. My legs and hands are warm.2010 May Trondheim2

Can stand correct

I have learnt how to stand straight.

No more treatments

I have suffered from pollen allergy since 1988. Now I am fine. I just use some eyedrops. The last years I have also had 4 - 6 attacks of migraine annually. After September 2009 I have had no more attacks. I have also terminated my 15 years' acupuncture treatment. On arriving at this course I was tired and emotionally exhausted. Now I feel better. I also cope better with stress.

Flu gone

This course has given me much benefit. Yesterday I was tired. A strong cold was emerging. Today the symptoms are gone. I am very energized. I am also very happy to be back practising.

Forgot my ligament inflammation

I have stopped taking my allergy medicine. In fact, I had forgotten all about the ligament inflammation reported 6 months ago. It is gone. After the practice yesterday I gained a lot of energy: I tended my garden, cut the lawn, and I visited my neighbour instead of watching TV.

Basic values

Lots of things have happened during this course: My body consciousness has increased. I am looking forward to practise and to get rid of my allergic reactions.


I have no particular troubles, however, Zhineng Qigong is MY way of practice. I practise to prevent. It felt very good to have the corrections. My feet and hands have become warmer and I can now relax more easily.

Calm and relaxed

During the Qi-regulation I fell asleep. It felt so good and different to relax completely.


Ingrid Tidemann