HQU 2 Stockholm [2010-05-29]

Spring Hold Qi Up 2 course in Stockholm, as usual, attracted many participants. In our new course local Birkagården, in the center of town, we practiced together, repeating the exercise Hold Qi Up and taught us a lot of new as well.

From the participants comments:

Summer course feeling

"A great course, calm and nice. I often wobble but during the course I have been able to stand still. This course gave me a summer course feeling."

Practise more

"I'ts nice to practise a lot. Times goes quickly on this courses, I would like to practise more."


"Very good and helpful course. To take time and practise a whole weekend has been rewarding."

Back pain

"Good course. To work in pairs helps a lot. Yesterday I had back pain but it disappeared during the qi-regulation. There's a lot of mental things going on."


"I have problems to motivate myself so I'm glad that I attended the course. I focus a lot on the mental part of life, try to change myself. I find it easier to receive corrections, I don't take it so personally."

Give a hand

"Nice course. I'm happy that I have the possibility to attend the course. I have better patience, it's easier to enjoy the movements and to relax. I'm happy that I have the possibility to give a hand for example put up posters."

Quality, Qifield, Thoughts

"I was told that I was holding my arms to low when practicing so I tried to do it more right. And now I can practice with better quality. I love being here in the qifield. It's fantastic! I'm looking forward to the summer course. Observing my thoughts and sorting them has given me a new level of relaxation. My face and head can relax in a new way."

Hurt my foot

"I have hurt my foot and I felt that something happened to it during the course and now it feels much better."


" I have improved much during this course. It has been great to be here. I have been able to just stand here and enjoy the practice."

Back pain

"I had pain in my back when I came here. My pain has been reduced considerably after the course. It feels very rewarding when you really achieve something with practicing qigong."

Love and understanding

"I love the way we learn to think here, especially things we can use in our everyday lives, like the part about meeting life with love and understanding."

Inflammation in the knees

"I had an inflammation in my knees when I arrived here. Now, at the end of the course, the inflammation is gone."

Calmer mind

"I joined my first course this winter and and I join the weekly group practice often and I feel that I have moved much forward. My body has become much better and my mind much calmer even after such a short time."


Lars Hagner