HQU 2 Turku [2010-05-22]

Every second year in spring we organize a course in Hold Qi Up 2. It is appreciated among those who have attended one of our basic courses. The opportunity to practise more, to get help with improving the quality of the practice and learning a whole lot new is valued. Many see it as a way to warm up before the Summer Course. For others it might be an inspiration to make the decision to come to our 9-days course.

From the participants comments:

Summer course

"I have been to a HQU2 course a couple of times before. This time I have been sick and it has been good to be in the Qi field. Today I am doing a little bit better. The past months I have not been able to practise as much as I usually do and I notice the difference in terms of decreased health. It is a good reminder of how important it is to practice. I will take part in the Summer Course. It will be my forth time there. Thanks to the Summer Courses I no longer have pain in my legs, a problem I have had for a long time."

"I have had a lot of good corrections at this course. I have practised a long time and I put trust in the Qi field. I have had the courage to do these things alone. I went alone to the Summer Course, without knowing anyone. And I noticed that I had good company. Now there have been big changes in my life and I feel overwhelmed. I will be 18 days at the Summer Courses this year. It will be exciting. I have taken both level I and II before but not after each other."

Åbo LUQ2 100530a

"When I took my first weekend course and Lars talked about the Summer Courses, I thought 'never', but when I changed my mind a few years later I immediately had very good results. It was a big jump forward. It is such a privilege to have a teacher like Su Dongyue this nearby."

"I started to practise in 2003 and have been practicing faithfully after that. Last year I was for the first time at the Summer Course. It gave a lot of inspiration to do more. Lately I have been suffering from stress, but calmed down when I got here. I have gained a lot from the weekend."

The course, energy, stress

"It has been a very fun course, more intense than normal weekend courses. It has been pleasant to practise longer. As a mother of a young child, Qigong helps me with waking up at night. It gives energy and increases the capacity to deal with stress. At work I seem to be the only one who has not been affected by hysterical stress."

"I practise somewhat infrequently, sometimes just at the weekly group practice. It has been a very pleasant weekend, both useful and nice. I have understood some details, which work better now. It has been calm, pleasant and safe."

"I agree. It has been calm, pleasant and safe. Nice in all ways. I have learned a lot of new things. Thank you for this!"

"I have had a busy time with a lot of work, but also practised a lot. With this course I wanted to improve the quality of my practice. It is like the lectures always are about what I need right now. The course has restored me and it feels as if I have landed in myself again. Thank you so much."

"I am a beginner compared to the rest of you. I took my first basic course in February. I have not had the time to go to the group practice every week but always when I have been there I have felt good afterwards. I am very happy that I came to this course. You can only imagine how much I have learned. I will keep on practising and maybe next year I will come to the Summer Course."

Åbo LUQ2 100530b

"I have also been very pleased and felt like coming home. I calm down here. Lately there have been deadlines for applications to schools that I want to apply to and the past weeks have been very stressful. I feel how my whole body has relaxed and I got more energy. It has been a nice course."

"I have been to three basic courses and this was my first HQU2. I have learned a lot. I work as a teacher and normally I am very tired in spring but this spring has been a lot better than usual. I feel better and I sleep better after I started to practise Qigong. There is a remarkable difference."

"This weekend has been very stimulating. I knew when I started to practice Qigong that this is good."

Changes, cheerful, optimistic

"I have practised for many years, and I understand a little bit more every course. All the time positive things happen and often I notice them only afterwards. I feel that there is a process of change that makes me happy and optimistic."

Headache, arm straighter

"It has been a very nice course, but far too short. Insightful. I have been practicing actively since November and I am now free from headaches since two months. At the Shenxin course in April my crooked arm was straightened, even though the doctors said that it will never become straight. And it has remained straight."

Good changes, more clarity

"I have been part of this for a quite a long time. In the beginning sporadically and when Jeanette took charge of the group practice the motivation increased. It has been a good course. There has been a lot of changes in my body the three past years and that is good. I try to practise regularly. Many things have become clearer. When the weekly group practice starts in autumn I see how those who have been to the summer course radiate. I understand that it has to be good. One day I will also take part."


Lars Hagner