Xiao Gongfa Trondheim [2010-04-24]

Ideas and inspiration came like beads on a string from this course: The exercise Xiao Gongfa may be practised while doing something else, stealing no time from any other activities. Small, practical movements were cheering up the Saturday evening for the interested course participants.

Course participants' comments:


"A very nice way of practising. Working in an open office landscape the small exercises also will inspire my colleagues."

A new deal

"I am another kind of person walking home this evening than the person who arrived here this morning. The changes are remarkable!"

Tool for a hectic everyday life

"A very interesting course indeed! My job demands a lot from me. These exercises are useful tools – regaining energy during a hectic every day life. This is good!"

Incredibly delightful!

"This works very well! The stretch movements were very effective. I work in a kindergarten with lots of noise. The ear rehearsal was very useful. These are effective, simple techniques I can manage to do anytime, - anywhere. They make me relax. I look forward to try out these exercises."

Out of the "time squeeze" for a moment

"These short, tiny, limited rehearsals are very good! I have a strong "time squeeze" in my life. Before this course I have only for very short moments been able to do body regulation. Now I have several alternatives to go for. The circular movements are very good for me. From time to time during the exercises I noticed that I was getting much clearer eyesight, with a strong feeling of Qi. One moment while practising my eyesight was suddenly crystal clear!"

Good to have the exercises "in between"

"With these tools I can divide my every day life creating moments of rest for myself. The eye exercises are very useful to me, giving me much better eyesight as well. I also became quicker and more concentrated."


Patrik Rastija