HQU 2 Trondheim [2010-04-24]

The participants who regularly practise "Hold Qi Up" were, on entering the green atrium at Industribygget, looking forward to the weekend course. - What kind of mental improvements could possibly be happening during this "2nd level" course of Hold Qi Up?

Their faces, tired after the week's work, were now focusing on a long day's exercise as most of them had also signed up for the course Xiao Gongfa in the afternoon. – On Sunday morning they all turned up "all fit" after a good night's sleep – ready for action! The results came:

Course participants' comments:

2010.04.24 HQU2 Trondheim

Great mental effect

"The mental exercise, integrated with the Hold Qi Up practise has been very useful. Now I am finally relaxed."

It works!

"This course has given me great benefit. I am now much calmer - feeling the energy rapidly increasing."

Have found a "switch" I can turn off

"Generally the stream of consciousness has constantly been disturbing me. Now I am able to regulate my thoughts; as well as to "turn them off". During this course I have not been disturbed by my thoughts."

Greater understanding of Qigong

"This course has helped me integrating body and mind. Now I manage to connect and understand."

A-ha experience

"The "trigger" points and the theory about them have been clarifying to me. I have received a lot of useful information during this course."

A miraculous change!

"This has been a fantastic course! In a miraculous way I am now centred, in harmony and satisfied! The ideas I have learned during this course are helping me to focus."

Good help to go on practising

"This course has given me much help. Today I feel happy and in harmony. This will be of much help in the future. Thinking less is good!"


Patrik Rastija