Hold Qi up Stockholm [2010-04-24]

Also the second course this spring was held at the Museum of Far Eastern, in the beautiful and harmonious Beijing Hall. The hall was filled with eager participants, both beginners and repeaters.

Especially for this course was that during lunch break on Sunday we had filming of our practicing. The film will be used as inspiration for eczema patients, to give them alternatives to traditional medical care. We have people who practice with us who had very good results on their severe eczema, for that reason our involvement in the film.

From the participants comments:


"I had big problems with eczema. I have been hospitalized and I used cortisone ointment due to eczema. I don't have eczema any more. I can much easier get in contact with other people compared to before I practised qigong."

"I hope my eczema will improve, not be as aggressive as it can be. I feel that it's already a little bit better. Yesterday I felt happy, I'm happy that I attended the course, it feels positive."

Stockholm 100425_350

Improved life quality

"My life quality has improved 100% with qigong. Give it a try and then evaluate. Qigong has helped me a lot."

"I like very much to practice. It has become a part of my life and influences everything. I like myself much more and I have noticed that I also like others more. Thanks for a wonderful day."

Improved back

"I'm happy that I attended the course. It has been a great challenge. Even the small amount of training that I have done has improved my back problems."

"I like to practice qigong. I am calmer in my mind and softer in my body and my back does not hurt anymore."

Full of energy

"My job situation demands a lot of energy from me. Now I will really try to practise qigong. I feel full of energy."

Softer body, Healthier, Less tensed

"It feels good to be here. I got tensions in my body so I think this training is good for me. I can already feel that some of the tension is released."

"I can recommend to beginners to give qigong a chance, it is not enough with a weekend to know if it is good or not. I work as a construction worker and have noticed that I am more flexible now than I was 10 years ago. Some of my colleagues who are 10 years younger than me find it harder when they are climbing around on scaffolding than I do."

"I started to practice qigong for my physical problems with joints and such. I now practice regularly and have become much better in the body. Even my approach to my physical problems have gotten better and also to life as a whole."

"Qigong has given me so much. I do not know how my life would have looked like if I did not practice, but probably I would have been sick. The results do not come by them self but I have practiced and fought and it has been worth it. I have a greater mobility and suppleness in the body and am not suffering from depression any longer."

"It has been absolutely fantastic. Yesterday I was a bit tired, but with a quiet smile in the body, positive and nice. I like that qigong is not as performance oriented, which is really nice."


"It is so very good with qigong. I have had pain in one plantarfascian but it becomes less and less. Get small improvements all the time. Previously, I was constantly stressed out so I really need qigong to calm down."

Handle my own health, Bronchus

"I have been on many treatments, including acupuncture earlier. I see qigong as a way to try to maintain good health and to be able to handle it myself. I can handle and manage society better now and it is really lovely. Yesterday my bronchus was cleaned out so today I feel nothing in them."

Stress, Migrain, Body pain

"It has been wonderful to be here. I have practiced for 4 years now and I am going to attend my first summer course this summer. It is so fun to be on a course and I am satisfied and will keep on fighting. I used to be forced and stressed out with migraines and body aches. I find that I have become much calmer as a person and do not stress up so easily."


Lars Hagner