Hold Qi up Kvinnherad [2010-04-10]

The Coastal Nature showed its most outstanding spring costume this weekend in Kvinnherad. The willows were about to blossom. In the lazy dawn newborn lambs slept softly beside their mothers, while cute little horses jumped joyfully about.

Kvinnherad HQU April 2010 Natur

The participants of the 2 days' weekend course Hold Qi Up showed great practising spirit, concentration and calmness. The 19 attending early birds, aimed to improve their health as well as to receive more energy (Qi). Some of them had travelled far to practice this weekend.

The strong Qi-field was present as well: During the 2nd day one participant proclaimed that her eyesight had improved considerably!

Comments from the weekend course

Has become a morning bird

"I am focusing on improvements, particularly to remember the improvements. Earlier in the morning I used to be very tired. I did not wake up properly until approx. 12 noon. Now I wake up at 7 am!"

Not so stiff knees. Coping better with stress

"This course teaches me how to keep the stress factors away. My knees are not so stiff today."

Exhausting back pain disappeared

"I have travelled far to attend this weekend course. My back used to hurt enormously – on both sides. Now the pain has gone. I feel the presence of the strong Qi-field."

Kvinnherad Hqu APRIL 2010 2

Back to work

"I was a physical "wreck". Now I am back to work. This is great! This practice makes people recover fast."

Better willpower

"Now I feel able to "get going" again; starting afresh. I became very warm during yesterday´s practice. The stiffness of my body has been reduced."

Easier thoughts. No back problems

"While practicing Zhineng Qigong my back problems stay away. It does well for my body and mind. I try to practice every day, using Zhineng Qigong as a tool. Even in the dentist's chair! It really works!"

"I feel more than 10 years younger"

"I work a lot at my PC. I practice Zhineng Qigong in order to get rid of the stiffness building up during the day. It works! I feel my body is younger today than 10 years ago."

My eyesight improved considerably today!

"I have felt quite "low" and depressed lately. Now I am able to control that feeling much better! I have also been suffering from stress and pain in my back and shoulders. This is all better now. I also sleep better. I regularly attend the common practice. - By the way - something strange suddenly happened today: During the practice I had left my eyeglasses on the floor beside me. Without them, I can hardly see anything clearly. Opening my eyes after a section of practice, I could suddenly see things in the room clearly, even tiny characters on the Qigong poster on the wall. I could also see the pattern in the wooden wall panels!

The burning under my feet disappeared during this course

"I have felt very positive and in harmony during this course. The burning under my feet, which has always been hurting very much, is now gone."

Recovering from eye inflammation

"Yesterday my eyes were red and irritated. Today it does not hurt any more. Getting even better all the time. I will surely attend practice from now on!"

A clearer mind

"Wanted to get a clearer mind. I achieved that."

My neck did not lock up

"I have been suffering from my neck "locking up". That has not happened here."

Less depressed

"Distressing depressions have been reduced. I strongly recommend the Summer Course at Nossebro in Sweden. That course gives a double "turbo" effect."

New energy in my body

"Wanting to learn how to relax, I now feel the energy entering my body. I shall surely practise to prevent any loss of my new energy."


Ingrid Tidemann