Hold Qi up Malmö [2010-03-27]

The Spring sported some well appreciated warmth ranging between ten and fifteen ºC during the Malmö Weekend Course. New participants learned quickly, requiring few repetitions of the instructions. This was undoubtedly partly because a good number of seasoned participants helped with correcting the movements, but also because there was a relaxed feeling about the course. On this course we discussed the importance of joining the Qi field and how this helps us in the everyday training that we do alone at home.

Participants' opinions after the course

"I find it very nice to repeat courses. I have learned the exercises, but every time I notice that it's a very good thing with those corrections and there's a lot of things to improve further."

"I came here because I've been to a longer course, and when you're on a longer course it always starts some processes in your body. Then it's a good thing to continue with a course soon after, so that it gives you that extra boost, so to speak. And it's always good to repeat courses and get corrections, and to join the Qi field because afterward you always find out that something has happened."

"I join courses as often as I can and I join the Qi field and receive corrections. It was a fine course."

"It was very relaxing and comfortable, although I do have a lot to work with."

"It was exciting to get corrections and to feel that you improve every time."

"I thought it would be a good thing to came here and join the Qi field since it gets much more intense. I got help with... above all the fact that I get all stressed out. I find that I get help with that, so that I get much more calm and I don't get all worked up in various situations. And then it makes my body more supple and things like that. I think I've got a lot of help with that."

"I repeat a lot of courses because I really think it's value for your money. When I started out I had this very difficult pain syndrome and that's almost completely gone."


Max Björkström