Hold Qi up Borgå [2010-03-27]

It was the fourth consecutive year that there was a basic course in Hold Qi Up in the beautiful medieval city of Borgå. The atmosphere was warm and homely and the participants were happy over the weekend. Below there some comments:


"At this course I have enjoyed not having to think. The head has felt unusually empty. It has been a nice and relaxed atmosphere."

"Qigong gives me a break for my body and mind, a way to slow down mentally."

Better Mood

"Qigong has made me a bit calmer and less stressed – and more cheerful, according to my family."

"Since I started to practise Qigong I have started to notice more positive aspects of things. I see more of what is uplifting and less of those aspects that one can feel dissatisfied with."

"It feels like I have become a bit more harmonious. My mood is better and I am a bit kinder. When I came to the course I felt frustrated but that feeling was gone very fast."

A Way to Develop Oneself

"I see Qigong as a way to develop myself. I have become more forgiving. At this course I dared to stand in front and show the movements. I realized that I do not have to be perfect, that I do not have to be tense and play a role."

Important to Practise

"I came to the course to practise and get more motivated, and now I am that. It has been good to get the movements corrected."

"This course has been a reminder of how important it is to practise."

"Recently I bumped into information that made me understand how the brain is changed from Qigong. That was very motivating."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm