Hold Qi up Norwich [2010-03-27]

The course in Norwich, we had at the great Lion Wood School which is located atop a hill overlooking the city. Daffodils and birds singing testified that spring arrived. The new participants feel welcome quickly when those who participated in previous courses took such good care of them and there was lots of laughter.

Comments from participants:

Manages difficulty better now and have had more self-confidence

"I practice regularly at home and have participated on several weekend courses. There are still movements to correct for the better. In my work I work a lot with my hands and body and to practice qigong has become necessary for me. It is also easier to deal with difficult things after I started practicing qigong. I also got a better self-confidence."

"There have been improvements both physically and mentally since I started with qigong. I have reached a point now where I can really see that qigong helps me and it makes it so much easier to practice. I can also notice that I have better confidence now."

"I'm learning new things every course. Earlier, I had to go to an osteopath at least 4 times a year, but now I do not go there at all and save money at the same time. Qigong helps me to keep my mind positive. If I get into a negative state qigong helps me to regain a positive thinking which is really nice."

Recover me after a stressful period

"To read on the website is so inspiring for me. When I came here this weekend I was exhausted after a stressful period. Today, I feel completely different and much better."


"Yesterday, during the first day I felt tired. When I got home this evening I felt peaceful.Today I also feel peaceful and that is really good."

Back Issues

"It's so good to get on the course and picking up small details and refine the movement of Hold Qi up. I've had back problems for so many years and now qigong is doing a good job with it."

Scars disappear

"I do small improvements all the time and I am really looking forward to go to summer course this summer. In the last summer course I went to scars on my hands started to heal and disappear."

Take control of my health problems

"There has been a fantastic course with many wonderful people. I have many physical health problems. Now I feel like I can begin to take back control over them in a positive way and do something about them."

Shoulder Problems

"I work a lot in front of computers and have stiff shoulders and pain. I look forward to practice every day, I really want to get my shoulders to get better. Yesterday after the course I felt very calm and relaxed."


"I did not really know what to expect from the course, but I have really enjoyed it and everyone has been so wonderful. It helped me to feel more relaxed and I hope I will continue to do so."

Verruca missing

"I have had problems with verruca under my feet for about 10 years. I have really tried everything to get rid of them, been to the doctor, eating medicines, tried healing, etc. But nothing has helped, it has rather become worse. Six weeks after I started with qigong, they were gone!"


Fatima Ringvall