Hold Qi up Nybro [2010-03-27]

From the participants comments:

Mentaly, calm, daily life, stress

"I feel that qigong has helped me a lot, mainly on the mental part. I do not brood as much anymore. Before I became worried about the economy and what other people think of me. Now I am much safer and can for example speak to a group, which was difficult before."

"Qigong helps me to cope with everyday life better, In my work I meet many people and have to solve problems. I do now with greater calm. I have really enjoyed this course, it as has been so good to practice."

"I started in 2003 when I was sick from stress. I have "gone into the wall" in two rounds. Now I feel much better and stress much less."

Burn out

"I was burned out and on sick leave when I started training, now I'm back at work."


"I have trained for five years and I feel so good now a days, that I almost r thought about not going to the course ... I was really stressed out in the past, qigong has helped me, I have received great improvement. When I started training my daughter told me that "now you really listen to me when I talk". I had not done that before, I was so stressed."

More alert, softer, pain

"I had a lot of pain and was stiff before, now it's much better. I have more energy and my body is softer, it has been a very nice course."

"I have passed many courses and qigong helps me. After I passed my first course, I got so much energy, this motivates me to practice, I remember how tired I was before I started training and the clear effect it had."

Pain, tiredness, stress

This is my third course and qigong has already helped me a lot. I have a disease that causes pain in the body and makes me tired. After my first course, the pain disappeared and I am no longer as tired as before. But the most noticeable is how I deal with everyday life, I can handle stress better. After I started to practice qigong, my daughter spontaneously said to me that she loves me, something she has not expressed in that way before."


" I've been training a while and Qigong has helped me a lot. Before I started, I had migraines as much as 5-6 days a week. The attacks were triggered by physical activity, so I had to be completely passive. Now I can do lots of things I could not do before, the migraine has decreased as well as the pain in my body. Despite my good results. I have periods when I have doubts about whether training is useful, but then it is so good with these basic courses. Every time I go, I hear something new, that makes me understand a bit more. This time I have learned how to relax better."


Lars Hagner